"Squad 51, unknown type rescue, 132 Providence Way, cross street Hamilton Road. One Three Two Providence Way. Time out 9:32."
"Squad 51, KMG 365."

"Let's see what we've got here ... Oh, wow."
"Man, that's the worst I've ever seen."
"Yep. Better call the hospital."

"Rampart, this is Squad 51."

"Squad 51, this is Rampart, go ahead."
"Rampart, we have a male patient, aged 51, he says he's been swept off his feet. He's actually floating, Rampart."
"Stand by, 51. Dr. Early to the bay station, please."

"What's up, Dix?"
"Male patient, 51, says he's been swept off his feet. Paramedics report he's actually floating."
"Mm hmm."
"Unit 51, bring him on in."

Sounds like a -