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Between December 1998 and January of 2004, a group of fans of Heavy Gear and other games by Dream Pod 9 came together to create an Amateur Press Association dedicated to exploring these games through fiction. I had the good fortune of being a member of this APA through its tenure, and APAGear II gave me and many of the other authors the chance to actually contribute to the games we enjoyed.

All good things come to an end, however, and APAGear II closed with the January 2004 issue (Volume 6, Number 1, Issue #50). The original site is lost to the ether, but Chris Schaller, the APAGear Grand Poobah Emeritus, still had the files, and he was kind enough to provide them to me to post here. I will be maintaining this site from now on, as part of the Banzaidyne family of Web sites.

I've gone through the pages and done some cleaning (the removal of dead hyperlinks, that sort of thing), and I've taken the liberty of updating a couple of my own articles to correspond to what appears on Banzaidyne Press. All of the other submissions, though, are as they first appeared. (Chris implemented a new layout scheme starting with issue #46, which is why that and subsequent issues look different.)

I hope this archive will spark the imaginations of new DP9 fans, and bring a big smile to old ones.

And who knows - there's no reason there can't be an APAGear III....

Any questions or comments about this site's material can be sent to banzaidyne at gmail dot com.

- Jason "Banzai" English,

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