APAGear II Archives Volume 1, Number 2 January, 1999


The House Organ

Words of Questionable Wisdom from the Distribution Manager


Welcome to the second issue of APAGear II. I have nothing much to say this month about this issue, apart from the fact that we're all pretty happy we got it out. (*^_^*)

We do have a few new faces around here: Wayne Chang (known also as the enigmatic Palladion) and Kevin Hinote join us this month, replacing two vacancies left by the departure of two of our other members. Welcome aboard, gentlepersons, and sayonara to our departing comrades.

Instead of blabbering on this month, I say only this: Start reading. I remain, as always,

Your Vaguely Humble Servant,

Christian Schaller
APAGear II Distribution Manager

Keener Awards

This month's Keener Award goes to Wayne Chang, who sent his story in on January 19, 1999. Hoohoo! The runner up is Damen DeLeenheer, last month's winner. He submitted his story on January 21, 1999. (In fact, Damen would have had the award this month, too, but there was some trouble with our e-mail. Actually, Janne Kemppi, who was ready on the second of January, could easily have picked up the award, it seems.)

As usual, the Keener Award entitles you to nothing more than the admiration of your colleagues and whatever fame you can scrape up on your own.

No One Bothered to Spot the Cassandras!

Harumph. Well, no one took me up on the contest of last month, so no one gets his or her name in the spotlight this month. I was going to post the answers here, but since no one's taken the challenge, I'll leave it open for another month. Go back to Issue 1 to learn more.

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APAGear II Archives Volume 1, Number 2 January, 1999