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The House Organ

Words of Questionable Wisdom from the Distribution Manager

Okay, here we are with issue number three of APAGear II, and we're a bit late this month. These things happen. (If you must know, the truth involves the musical Les Misérables, which is incredibly good. It also involves those wiley folks at Dream Pod 9, who recently released the long-awaited Blood on the Wind: Storyline Book 2 for Heavy Gear, along with the second ship book for Jovian Chronicles and the first full-blown cycle for Tribe 8.)

So what do we have new this month? Well, first of all, we've got a couple of new folks among our ranks. Welcome to M'sieur Jean Carrieres and Mister Bernard David, of Canada and Singapore, respectively. Howdy, guys. Welcome aboard!

And now for something totally outrageous: APAGear II is going to have an Italian translation. Yeah, you heard me. There's a group of people in Italy who plan to translate some fraction of APAGear II into the Italian language! Is that cool or what? Once they have their site ready to go, I'll post it to the APAGear II links section. (Ah-hem. As I write this House Organ, I note rather embarassingly that the link section is not actually available at the moment.)

I don't supposed anyone out there would want to do a Japanese translation? Or any other language for that matter. Seems a bloody shame there isn't a French translation...

I've also linked APAGear II into the Heavy Gear Players Ring, a Web ring devoted to Heavy Gear (and Silhouette in general, really) that Ross Ireland has picked up the ball for. Thanks, Ross! We'll be joining an APA (amateur press association) Web ring in a couple of months, too.

Last, before I sign off, let me just point out once again that DP9 has released Blood on the Wind. The Heavy Gear storyline books are among my favorite of the whole product line, partly because they're so singularly unique. Pick one up (Crisis of Faith was the first, if you're new to Heavy Gear) and you'll see. They're 100% pure story and completely devoid of game mechanics stuff. They paint a complicated picture of larger events by focusing on minute details, and they're entirely "in-character." In other words, the storyline books are presented from the points of view of the people involved, rather than from an omniscient (or even limited omniscient) perspective. And the production value is just terrific, as far as I'm concerned.

Okay, enough chitter-chatter from me for now. Enjoy this issue!

Your Vaguely Humble Servant,

Christian Schaller
APAGear II Distribution Manager

Keener Awards

This month's Keener Award goes to Damen DeLeenheer, who submitted his contribution to the issue on February 18, 1999. Janne Kemppi is our runner-up, whose article on alternate character creation rules came in a few hours after Damen's story.

As usual, the Keener Award entitles you to nothing more than the admiration of your colleagues and whatever fame you can scrape up on your own.

Still No One Bothered to Spot the Cassandras!

Once again, no one has tried to spot the Cassandras. Despite promising last month that I'd supply the answers this month, I will not. Instead, I'm going to leave this piece in until someone Spots the Cassandras. So there. Go back to Issue 1 to learn more.

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APAGear II Archives Volume 1, Number 3 February, 1999