APAGear II Archives Volume 1, Number 4 March, 1999


The Water Skag

Buji Kern


[Excerpt From Boyle's Pocket Guide to Southern Republican Freshwater Animals]

Water Skag Graphic The Water Skag is common in freshwater swamps throughout this country, and the entire Southern Hemisphere. It is similar in size to the Burrowing Skag, however the last three sets of legs are flattened to allow it to swim. Behaviorally, it is quite different from terrestrial skags. Unlike the sophisticated social structure of the Burrowing Skag or Army Skag, Water Skags are loners, each individual staking out his own territory. Battles over territory are quite common. They feed on almost any small aquatic creature. Staples include mosquito larvae and the eggs and young of the emerva fish.

The Water Skag's hard exoskeleton and slightly toxic bite make it uncommon prey; however, some fish feed on it.

Identification Cues: Distinctive flattened swimming legs. Typical skag exoskeleton. Only aquatic insectoid in the Southern Republic.


AGI +2 BLD -8 FIT +1 INS -2 PER +0
WIL +1 STR -3 HEA +0 STA 10 UD -1*

*(+natural weapons).


Skills Skills Skills Skills
Combat Sense 2/+0 Dodge 2/+2 Hand-to-Hand 2/+2  

Special Abilities

Bite (x2 damage) - Injects mild toxin (1 round onsent, POT 6, fatal)

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APAGear II Archives Volume 1, Number 4 March, 1999