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Welcome to the CEF information page

CEF is the colonial fighting force of the New Earth Commonwealth. Their tasks have been and will continue to be many and varied, taking them all over the universe. Those soldiers who have earned the coveted black beret are not supermen, but ordinary people who are prepared to go just a bit further.

You don't have to be a superman to be in CEF. Join us now and you will always be able to say that you were in COLONIAL EXPEDITIONARY FORCE!

Recruitment and Selection:
Colonial Expeditionary Force recruits across the universe. There are no academic requirements for acceptance into the ranks of CEF, although you will have to pass series of tests. These tests are basically common sense and are no problem for those who will eventually pass the training. The Selection is designed to make sure you are properly motivated and mentally strong enough to complete demanding training necessary to become fully qualified for missions ahead.

Qualities looked for in recruits include motivation and determination, physical and mental stamina, initiative, self discipline, compatibility for small group, long-term isolated missions, and the ability to assimilate a wide range of fighting skills.

Recruitment training:
Recruit training in Colonial Expeditionary Force is without doubt among the toughest and most professional recruit training courses available in the Earth today. All instructors at the training units are the best officers and soldiers from the CEF. Training is unique and challenging but you don't have to be a superman to complete it. There is a myth that one cannot join unless you're already super fit and hard as nails. All you need is hard work and courage and then you will be in CEF!

Recruit Training is held in CEF University in Australia. CEF retains its own training installations separate from Regular Army. Syllabus is enchanted to meet our specific needs; mainly physical and field craft training are different. Course comprises both theoretical studies and practical exercises on wide range of subjects. CEF retains right to dismiss those recruits who are not deemed to have full potential to become CEF soldiers.

Recruits have the right to leave CEF at any time during recruit training. After that they are for no less than 3 years unless they get special permission for leaving. CEF retains right to dismiss those soldiers not deemed to be able to perform according to its standards of a soldier fit enough to survive in modern battlefield.

CEF is constantly training in readiness for any eventually. As CEF has to be ready to deploy anywhere in the Earth as well as in universe it does a lot of its training across the world in areas that are similar to where it may have to operate and fight. Part of the training is conducted in other planets and systems as well. During its short but extraordinary existence CEF has been used on wide range of missions giving its soldiers practical experience in all forms of soldiering.

By contacting CEF and sending us your CV you might be invited to the initial interview. Be confident, determined and ensure you inform your interviewer that you want to join Colonial Expeditionary Force. We will inform you later if we think you might have a chance to be called to Selection.

CEF -Are You Up to the Challenge?

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APAGear II Archives Volume 1, Number 6 June, 1999