APAGear II Archives Volume 1, Number 6 June, 1999


The House Organ

Words of Questionable Wisdom from the Distribution Manager

Howdy and youkoso! Do I speak Japanese? Not really. Can I use a web browser to find out how to say "Welcome" in Japanese? Yes. Is it necessarily correct? Of course not. Does it matter? To some, yes, to others, no. Can I ask another question and then immediately supply an answer? Yes.

Well, when we last met last month, I promised a review of the Star Wars LEGOs. This month, I'll recind that promise. I'm pretty much Star Wars'd out, my friends, and frankly could stand the break. (How far do you have to go to be "Star Wars'd" out? A bunch of LEGOs and a bunch of action figures, plus the screenplay and a bunch of other stuff, plus a long discussion over how Bail Antilles, Bail Organa, "Captain" Antilles, and Wedge Antilles all fit together -- that's what did it for me.)

So instead, I'll simply highlight this month's issue: First, you'll be happy to see that no less than three -- count 'em: three! -- submissions this month are continuations of previous story threads. Jason English presents the penultimate chapter in "The Spirit of St. Louis," Lloyd Jessee writes another chapter in "Forced Isolation," and Buji Kern concludes his current story arc with "Green Hell." Meanwhile John Guilfoyle presents "For the Love of Peet," a piece he'd intended for the Creature Feature issue. Scott Blow, Alistair Gillies, and Janne Kemppi all present source material for your gaming enjoyment: Scott presents an NPC with notes on how to incorporate him into your campaigns, Alistair describes an NPC group, and Janne Kemppi continues to develop a CEF campaign, this time with some recruitment material.

Neat, isn't it? Now get going, folks, dive into the issue, and enjoy the show.

Your Vaguely Humble Servant,

Christian Schaller
APAGear II Distribution Manager

Keener Awards

This month's Keener goes to Mr. Jason English, though it was kind of a close race this time around. Buji Kern and Alistair Gillies tie for runner-up.

Incidently, last month, I claimed that Jason English and Bernard David got the Keener. I was quite wrong. In fact, Wayne Chang gets the May Keener, since he actually submitted his contribution back in about February. Is that keen or what?

Update: Count the Springers!

No one has dared try the Count the Springers contest, so there's no update. I'll have to start whining again if I don't hear from anyone by next month. See April's House Organ for more details.

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APAGear II Archives Volume 1, Number 6 June, 1999