APAGear II Archives Volume 2, Number 2 March, 2000


The House Organ

Words of Questionable Wisdom from the Distribution Manager

Hi, everybody! Welcome to our fourteenth issue of APAGear II. We've got some exciting stuff for you this month!

Scott Blow presents my personal all-time favorite Heavy Gear tongue-in-cheek vehicle, Siouxsie the Goth Visagoth. Scott's a bit of a goth, and while I don't walk the walk or talk the talk, I happen to prefer goth music over just about every other musical style.

Bernard David reveals another over-the-top tale of the Jolly Ranchers this month, the continuation of his Legend of the Desert Vikings story. Read it. If you haven't read the rest of the Jolly Rogers' saga, read them, too. It's a fun and crazy ride!

Jason English presents us with the conclusion to "Prices of Duty," a story about his Hong Kong Cavaliers group. It's the third part of three.

Alistair Gillies extends the particle accelerator cannon family with "Project FLASH LIGHT."

Janne Kemppi once again welcomes us to the future with "From Ice Age to Caprice," a historical account covering the period of time between the most recent Terran ice age and the discovery of Caprice.

Finally, capping off the issue is Josh Peters' GEAP. It's a piece of fiction and a vehicle design.

There you have it: Two vehicles, a weapon system, a detailed historical record, and the continuing exploits of two wildly different organizations. Enjoy!

Your Vaguely Humble Servant,

Christian Schaller
APAGear II Distribution Manager

Keener Awards

The Keener of March (kind of like the Ides of March, huh? No...) is Josh Peters. Hooray to Josh! The runner-up is Janne Kemppi. Congratulations, guys.

I'm in the process of setting up a Hall of Keeners page for APAGear. It has to take a low priority this month, but, if all goes well, I should have it ready next month. Special thanks to Reeves Ethan, who has put up with some pretty weird messages from me and who has taken the time to generate the images that will be part of the Hall of Keeners. You won't get to see those images until next month, but you can take a look at some of Reeves' other work with this link. I'll explain what I mean by "weird messages from me" next month, too. Mysterious, is it not?

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APAGear II Archives Volume 2, Number 2 March, 2000