APAGear II Archives Volume 2, Number 2 March, 2000


Siouxsie the Goth Visigoth

Scott Blow

Siouxsie the Goth Visigoth is a unique, highly unnofficial Visigoth variant. Created by an angst-ridden Republican tank commander, Sous-Lieutenant Andrew Eldritch, to take all the unpleasant suicide jobs, Siouxsie is the most cursed tank in the 666th Republican Armor Regiment. Eldritch salvaged Siouxsie from no less than ten different crippled Visigoth husks, the NNet taken from an especially brutalized wreck. Eldritch suspects Siouxsie's NNet is damaged critically, but the injury is so deep that technicians have been unable to find the malfunction.

Siouxsie has a variety of quirks, including the typed composition of really bad poetry. Although the poetry would seem to indicate an intelligence not found in any other machine (not even Bowser), Eldritch is unimpressed. The poetry is so painfully bad and unoriginal he assumes the NNet merely mixes and matches verses from the work of ancient poets like Shelley and Keats, and the composition is not a sign of higher intelligence.

Siouxsie epitomizes the phrase "hangar queen," requiring near constant maintenance by Eldritch --and only Eldritch-- or else she refuses to function at all. Siouxsie is plagued by problems, but Eldritch manages to keep her running for the few occasions she's utilized.

Despite being high-maintenance and a bit on the fragile side, Siouxsie can be quite the Valkyrie when involved in combat. She and Eldritch are a force to be reckoned with if you don't mind their propensity for self-destructive tactics. Siouxsie is one ominous-looking vehicle, black, with lots of sharp pokey angles and additions that make infantry charges A Bad Idea(TM).


Vehicle Specifications

                   Name: Siouxsie the Goth Visigoth
           Vehicle Type: Tank
        Production Type: Scratch Built
                   Cost: 855,923.08 Dinars
           Manufacturer: The Cruel World
                    Use: Suicide Commando
                 Height: 3.45 meters (it's mostly tread)
                 Length: 8.94 meters
                  Width: 5.5 meters
   Avg. Armor Thickness: Thinner than you'd think.
         Armor Material: Armoplast w/ Leather, Lace, Spiky Things
    Standard Op. Weight: 58300 kg
      Primary Move Mode: Ground (60 kph)
    Secondary Move Mode: -
       Deployment Range: 550 km
           Sensor Range: 2 km
    Communication Range: 0 km (No Com, Siouxsie's a loner.)
             Powerplant: Fueled by despair
          Engine Output: A Whole Lot

General Stats

           Threat Value: 3,709 (Don't mess with a goth chick.)
        Offensive Value: 3,540
        Defensive Value: 615
    Miscellaneous Value: 6,970
                   Size: 13
  Original Default Size: 15
       Indv. Lemon Dice: 12
                   Crew: 1 (Siouxsie and Eldritch don't like people.)
          Bonus Actions: 0


      Primary Move Mode: Ground
           Combat Speed: 5
              Top Speed: 10
               Maneuver: -2


                Sensors: 0
         Communications: 0
           Fire Control: 0


           Light Damage: 35
           Heavy Damage: 70
               Overkill: 105

Vehicle Availability

Availability Threshhold: 12 (Siouxsie is a one of a kind.)
    Max Number on Field: 1

Weapon Summary

Qty Name                      Code     Arc ACC Damage Range           ROF Ammo 
1   Heavy Field Gun           HFG      F   0   x28    8  /16 /32 /64      25  IF 
1   Heavy Autocannon          HAC      F   0   x12    3  /6  /12 /24  +1  300  
2   Medium Rocket Pack/9      MRP/9    F   -1  x18    2  /4  /8  /16  +1  18  IF
(All standard Visigoth stuff.)

1   Chassis Reinforcement     CR       F   0   +1     0  /0  /0  /0       0   M
(All those Spiky Bits)

1   Whip                      WP       F   +1  x7     0  /0  /0  /0       0   En 
(To make the slaves beg. Mounted on a tool arm.)

1   Self-Destruct Grenade     SDG      F   -1  x30    0  /0  /0  /0       0   AE0, Dis
(The SDG is in case she finds the world too oppressive.)

1   Digging Cannon            DC       F   0   x10    0  /0  /0  /0       5    
(The Digging Cannon is for digging your grave, punk.)


Name                  Rating Game Effects

AI 		      1      AUX
Automation            1      Siouxsie and Eldritch are misanthropes.
Autopilot                    Acts as Level 1 Pilot  AUX
Backup Sensors               Absorbs first "Sensors" hit
HEAT Resistant Armor  8      Net.Goths are flame-retardant.
HEP: Desert                  -
Luxury Crew Accom     1      Cushy baroque interior,festooned in purple
                             velvet and black lace.
Rugged Movement Sys.         Big spiky boots (treads).
Smoke Launcher               10 shots of minty clove smoke. AUX
Stealth               1      For the black paint job, nothing more. AUX
Tool Arm              1      Crack that whip!
Urban Friendly               Isn't it obvious?! Goths are city creatures!
Very Loudspeakers            For listening to the Bauhaus during battle.  AUX


Name                  Rating Game Effects

Annoyance                    NNet writes REALLY bad poetry.
Annoyance                    Needs a lot of attention.
Annoyance                    NNet tends to complain a lot.
Brittle Armor                Goths are fragile.
Extreme Overheating          Goths don't sweat.
Fragile Chassis              She's a softie,underneath it all.
Large Sensor Profile  3      Hell,Siouxsie WANTS to be seen! How else is she
                             going to show off her cool outfit?                       
No Communications            She doesn't want to talk about it.
Problem Prone                Goths are high-maintenance.


Name                  Rating Game Effects

Annoyance Flaw               NNet has an extremely fatalistic outlook,and
                             reacts sluggishly when the going gets tough.

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APAGear II Archives Volume 2, Number 2 March, 2000