APAGear II Archives Volume 2, Number 5 June, 2000


Jawn Gillphoil

John Guilfoyle


Born in TN 1898 to parents Jaq (an auditor working for the CNCS) and Reeta (a schoolteacher), Jawn Gillphoil grew up in Franklin Harbor - the smallest city-state in the NLC. It was in Franklin Harbor that Jawn first developed a keen interest in anthropology and archaeology; from the time when he was a boy he was always fascinated by the enigmatic stone heads spotting the Terra Nova countryside, and the mysteries of strange Badlands cultures called to his as well. After obtaining an anthropology degree at a small college in Franklin Harbor, Jawn spent a cycle working on various local excavations before deciding that to make a living in the field, he'd need a graduate degree. Biding his parents and two older sisters, Jayne and Ahn, farewell, he enroled in a prestigious master's program at Sir Isaac Newton University in Newton, Southern Republic. During his time in the graduate program, he met his future wife Brewk Manroz. When their studies finished, Jawn and Brewk married and moved to Franklin Harbor where Jawn took a job with Franklin Harbor Park Service.


After graduate school, Jawn worked for the FHPS for eight cycles. He worked on a wide variety of archaeological projects, most focused on the early settlement years of the planet and the stone heads. The couple bought a home and were preparing to start a family when severe cuts and funding shortages jeopardized the projects Jawn had been working on. Already tired of the bureaucracy of the Park Service, Jawn decided to switch career paths. He'd loved and worked with computers since being a young boy, and it wasn't long before he'd retrained in software development and was ready to start a new job. In TN 1941, the Gillphoils and their dawg, Ivasaurus, moved to Reunion, Southern Republic, where Jawn accepted a job with an H72 network development company. Jawn maintains his love of all things archaeological, but is ready to throw himself into his new career with gusto.


Jawn is a friendly, outgoing man who is happiest when he's among friends. He pays careful attention to his companions and coworkers, and knows when to curb his normally uber-sarcastic wit. He enjoys and takes pride in both his work and leisure activities, which include writing, hiking, holo-vid watching, and a few sports. Not a religious man, Jawn is easily annoyed by the Revisionist zealots in his home country. Normally tolerant, he can lose patience quickly when faced with narrow-minded, bigoted and prejudicial attitudes.

Combat Reactions

Jawn is by no means a seasoned warrior. He does, however, react well in stressful situations, remaining calm and under control. He doesn't enjoy combat, but will fight tenaciously and to the bitter end if he believes in the cause. In all things he leads by example, and will not abandon friends or family in the face of danger.


Brewk Gillphoil (age 39, specialties: library science and botany), wife; Alaric Faulkner (age 73, specialties: archaeology and ethnology), past professor and mentor; Rawb Fergusin (age 64, specialties: archaeology and history), former coworker at the Park Service; Derik Kwindt (age 44, specialties: computer science and music), a friend with a true gift for music; Bazille Skovran (age 42, specialties: computer science and planetary science), a friend Jawn only knows via the H72 network - they've never met.

Plot Hooks

As an Ally

Jawn is a trustworthy friend, and is willing to use all available resources to help friends in need. If one of the characters knows him well, they can count on his support in a variety of situations - to get picked up at the airport (^_^), to do a little computer work, to sniff out old news stories or a bit of info on a bizarre cultural tradition, etc. He's something of an (academic) expert on Badlands traditions, and is a good source of information on the subject.

As an Opponent

Jawn is an unlikely opponent. Religious zealots might frequently be at odds with him, but the only physical confrontation would come if one of the characters purposely harms one of his loved ones (wife, dawg, close friends, etc.). If that happens, he'll turn into a vengeful, patient adversary. He'll wait until the moment is right to strike, and when he hits he'll do it hard and without mercy.

As Cavalry

Jawn could be counted on to contact authorities or carry out specific instructions in the event things go wrong for the characters. He wouldn't ride in guns blazing to save their necks, but he might be able to work a little computer magic, or find just the passage they needed in a text in order to save the day.

As a Plot Device

Jawn's interest in the Stone Heads and all things archaeological can be used to start, hinge or wrap up various plot threads. With his computer skills, Jawn may uncover the edges of a large conspiracy involving the stone heads or even the Sand Riders (such as the "new" tribe that has arisen...).

Vital Statistics

Age: 43 Cycles Height: 1.79 m Mass: 95 kg Hair Color: Brown Eye Color: Green
Handedness: Right-handed


AGI +0 APP +0 BLD +1 CRE +1 FIT +0
INF +1 KNO +2 PER +1 PSY +2 WIL +0
STR +0 HEA +1 STA 35 UD 5 AD 4


Skills Skills Skills Skills
Athletics 1/+0 Bureaucracy 1/+2 Business 1/+2 Combat Sense 1/+1
Computer 2/+2 Drive 1/+0 Earth Sciences 1/+2 Hand-to-Hand 1/+0
Human Perception 1/+2 Intimidate 1/+1 Investigation 1/+1 Leadership 2/+1
Music 1/+1 Notice 1/+1 Small Arms 1/+0 Social Sciences (Archaeology* 2/+2
Tactics 1/+1 Teaching 1/+1 Theatrics 1/+1  


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APAGear II Archives Volume 2, Number 5 June, 2000