APAGear II Archives Volume 2, Number 5 June, 2000


MacIvor William

Lieutenant, 225th WFPA Auxiliary Heavy Gear Regiment

Colin Townson


MacIvor William was born in Dun Moor in TN 1901, a small village perched on the slopes of the mountains of the Westridge Range, overlooking the Great Western Plain and Fort Henry. Raised amidst the traditionalist and devoutly Revisionist clans of the western highlands, William grew into a devout patriot. At the earliest possible opportunity he enlisted in the 225th Western Frontier Protectorate Army Auxiliary Regiment, the Free Highlands Lancers, serving as a reservist while studying political science, history, economics, and business in Fort Henry. He completed his first degree in the summer of 1935, as tensions between the Confederated Northern City States and the Allied Southern Territories escalated. Eager to join the political forums of the Western Frontier Protectorate, William entered the WFPA as a career soldier directly out of school, accepting a commission from the 225th. With the outbreak of war, he has found himself on the vast border lands of the Western Frontier Protectorate, far from the front lines, desperate to join the great crusade against the imperialists of the Southern Republic.


As a junior officer in the 225th Auxiliary Regiment, William commands the 3rd Section of Lord MacIvor's Dragoon Guard (3rd Company). He has never seen the face of battle, and relies on the experience and knowledge of his squadron leaders when in the field. Currently stationed at Fire Base 742 on the frontier, the regiment has been relegated to patrol and security duties, operating far behind the battle lines in the deserts to the south. Frustrated by the boredom and inactivity, broken only by the occasional rover sighting, William longs for the opportunity to prove himself.


MacIvor William is bound to duty and obedience by the stringent code of conduct which every officer of the Free Highlands Lancers is required to adhere to. Loyalty, courage, dedication, and patriotism are the foundations of the code. These values conflict regularly with the ambition and drive t hat characterize William. Inwardly impatient, and desperate for an opportunity to involve himself in the events shaping Terra Nova, William is often hard pressed to suppress the bitterness and resentment he feels with regards to the assignment of his regiment.

Combat Reactions

In the absence of prior combat experience, William retains a romantic view of war and conflict. The legacies and legends of great battles long past are reflected in his attitude toward combat. Dedicated to his duty as a citizen and an officer, William will act with courage, gallantry, and honor. This may lead him to rash decisions on a modern battlefield, as his understanding of courage and glory usually requires the tragic death of the hero, namely himself. That said, William is more than willing and able to make that sacrifice if he believes it is for a greater good.


Colonel MacIvor Colin (Age 64, tactics and doctrine) the commanding officer of the regiment, an uncle to William, and the head of the MacIvor clan; Sergeant Major Gordon Andrew (Age 57, procurement and leadership) the regiment NCO, friend of the MacIvor family, and confidant; Lieutenant Fuller George (Age 32, tactics and leadership) the commanding officer of the 2nd Section and a close friend; Corporal Carolyne Levac (Age 32, forensics and investigation) his girlfriend and a Fort Henry peace officer.

Vital Statistics

Age: 35 Cycles Height: 1.81 m Mass: 70 kg Hair Color: Brown Eye Color: Green
Handedness: Right-handed


AGI +0 APP +0 BLD -1 CRE +1 FIT +0
INF +1 KNO +1 PER +0 PSY +0 WIL -1
STR +0 HEA +0 STA 20 UD 3 AD 3


Skills Skills Skills Skills
Athletics 1/+0 Bureaucracy 1/+1 Business 1/+1 Combat Sense 1/+0
Communications 1/+1 Computer 1/+1 Dodge 1/+0 Etiquette 1/+1
F. Lang. (Anglic) 2/+1 F. Lang. (Universal French) 1/+1 First Aid 1/+1 Gunnery (Heavy Gear) 1/+0
Hand-to-Hand 1/+0 Heavy Gear Pilot 2/+0 Law 1/+1 Leadership 1/+1
Small Arms 1/+0 Social Sciences (History* 2/+1 Streetwise 1/+1 Survival 1/+1
Swimming 2/+0 Tactics 1/+1 Teaching 1/+1  


Perks and Flaws

Addiction: Lieutenant MacIvor is addicted to cigarettes, and must check his WIL against a threshold of 1 every six hours or suffer a general -1 penalty to actions.

Code of Honor: Lieutenant MacIvor adheres to, in keeping with the traditions and customs of his regiment, a stringent code of honor which requires him at all times to respect friend and foe alike, show mercy, and conduct himself with both courage and gallantry.

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APAGear II Archives Volume 2, Number 5 June, 2000