APAGear II Archives Volume 2, Number 5 June, 2000


Scot Bleaux

Scott Blow


Born in the Emirate of Javari to Republican Army personnel on deployment, Scot Bleaux moved from city-state to city-state in true military brat fashion. Frequent relocations ensured that Scot got to experience life in a number of Republican locales, but such a root-less existence made the development of long-term friendships somewhat difficult. Scot overcame this hurdle by becoming an avid letter-writer (both longhand and electronic), and he remains in close contact with a number of his childhood friends. Upon his father's retirement from the SRA and subsequent employment in the private sector, the Bleaux family relocated to the city-state of Newton, where they have resided for the past dozen cycles.


A bookish youth, Scot possesses an insatiable sense of curiosity that led him to excel academically. He is currently finishing up his undergraduate work at the Republican University at Newton (RUN). Scot loves learning and the college lifestyle, and his wide-ranging interests have made it difficult for him to specialize. He's managed to narrow his educational focus down to four main subjects, and he is in the process of completing degrees in psychology and sociology, with minors in art history and Mekongese Atshi-go. All this has made for a busy academic schedule, but Scot has never been happier. Although classes are his first priority, Scot enjoys writing in his free time, and reads vast numbers of books, both fiction and non-.


Being raised in a military household has granted Scot a unique perspective on the military and their place in the Southern Republic. While he has great sympathy for the common soldier, he fully realizes that the armed forces are, more often than not, pawns used to achieve economic goals rather than humanitarian ones. Despite his progressive political views, Scot does not consider himself an activist like many of his Newton peers. He has had enough experience with activists to recognize than most of them are dilettantes from rich families who spend their six-cycle university term protesting war and social injustice before happily accepting a ranking position in their parents' arms corporation. Having no delusions about his ability to save Terra Nova, Scot has dedicated himself to doing as little harm as possible. Hence, he has chosen to forego the military life or a corporate occupation, instead choosing a career in the social sciences.

Current Concerns

Upon graduation, Scot hopes to indulge his deep interest in all things Mekongese by working abroad in the Dominion for a few cycles. He has studied the Mekongese dialect of Atshi-go in class and on his own for a number of cycles, but he still has far to go before he can claim and substantive level of fluency. After returning from the Dominion, Scot plans to enroll in graduate school and attain a doctorate in evolutionary psychology. Through this he hopes to play some infinitesimal role in the advancement of the sciences. He also hopes that shedding light on behavioral universals and the brotherhood of all humankind may help avert future bloodshed.

Combat Reactions

Scot would be almost useless in a combat situation. His only formal military training consists of two mandatory years in the Republican Youth Guard during his high school days and some minimal shooting range experience. In a fight his first impulse would be to remove himself from the fracas as quickly and safely as possible. Failing that, he would seek out protective cover and endeavor to wait out the skirmish. Though largely pacifistic, Scot is intensely loyal and would place himself at great personal risk to defend a friend or a family member. He is confident that these loved ones would do the same for him.


Scot is a fairly unassuming fellow, just another face in the crowd. He dresses casually and somberly, mainly in grays and blacks. A shock aficionado, his favorite articles of clothing are his War of the Alliance-era infantry trench coat and his half-dozen pairs of combat boots. Apart from his trademark coat and boots, the rest of his wardrobe is fairly nondescript. Functional and subdued, exactly the way he likes it.


Rikard Bleaux (age: 63 cycles, specialties: pilot aircraft & leadership), Scot's father, is an advisor at a major military aircraft manufacturer and the former commandant of the 6th Air Reconnaissance Wing. Chadd Smif (age: 28, specialties: computers & human perception), a fellow military brat and Scot's oldest childhood friend. Kris Ryte (age 30, specialties: electronics & tinker), another military brat and close friend. Kaihatsu Yuka (age 30, specialties: foreign language & business), a Mekongese exchange student; she and Scot converse weekly in a combination of Universal French and Atshi-go, tutoring each other in their native language. Kinah MacDonald (age 33, specialties: literature & visual art), an attractive pen pal from the WFP, although she currently resides in Valeria.

Plot Hooks

Scot Bleaux may fulfill a variety of campaign roles. Apart from the ever-popular hostage and innocent bystander options ("he was just in the wrong place at the wrong time!), Scot's scientific interests make him a useful NPC for anthropological / exploration-based campaigns. His interest in social matters (both at the individual and societal levels), pragmatism, and ability to blend into a crowd help make him an ideal deep-cover agent. Alternatively, he may serve as an unwitting stooge, manipulated by cunning operatives into passing on confidential information from his father's employer. His cultural interests make him especially susceptible to the feminine wiles of Mekongese intelligence agents. Lastly, as an all-around decent guy, Scot can serve as one of the PC's best friends or side-kicks (Robin to his Batman, if you will), and thus prone to kidnap, torture, and other assorted nastiness at the hands of the campaign's bad guys.

Vital Statistics

Age: 30 Cycles Height: 1.8 m Mass: 73 kg Hair Color: Light Brown Eye Color: Blue
Handedness: Right-handed


AGI +0 APP +0 BLD -1 CRE +1 FIT +0
INF +0 KNO +2 PER +1 PSY -1 WIL +0
STR +0 HEA +0 STA 20 UD 2 AD 2


Skills Skills Skills Skills
Computer 1/+2 Dodge 1/+0 First Aid 1/+2 Foreign Language (Mekonese Atshi-go) 1/+2
Human Perception 1/-1 Life Sciences 1/+2 Literature 2/+1 Notice 1/+1
Psychology 2/+2 Social Science (Sociology*) Teaching 1/+1  



Personal Data Assistant, personal computer, combat boots, vintage trench coat, and Republican University at Newton student library card.

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APAGear II Archives Volume 2, Number 5 June, 2000