APAGear II Archives Volume 2, Number 8 September, 2000




Welcome to the twentieth issue of APAGear II. It's nearly on-time this month, too. In fact, it's so close to on-time that I'm going to claim it actually is. That's how close.

If you have any comments, you can post them to me, Christian Schaller. I'll pass them along to the membership. (Incidently, I won't filter for content, merely for relevence. I leave the membership's e-mail addresses out of these pages to protect them from spam.)



1. The House Organ
Words of questionable wisdom from the Distribution Manager
2. Critique Assignments
Who Should Critique Whom, for the benefit of the APAGear Members
3. Jason English
"Author's Notes: The Heavy Gear Equipment Catalog"
4. Janne Kemppi
"Who Am I? - Character Creation"
5. Dennis Kirkpatrick
"HACS-01MG-ALP Alpine Hunter" - Fiction and a Vehicle Design
6. Bryan Lee
"Mall Rants"
7. Harman Meyerhoff
"Black Talons," Part Three
8. Josh Peters
"The Orde Wingate Special Warfare School," Part One
9. Christian Schaller
"The Beast of Johar Ridge" - Fiction and a Vehicle Design

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APAGear II Archives Volume 2, Number 8 September, 2000