APAGear II Archives Volume 2, Number 9 October, 2000


the friends and enemies of modern roleplaying


Welcome to issue 21 of APAGear II. This month, we're at a total of 137 articles. Heehee! Nice work, fellas!

If you have any comments, you can post them to me, Christian Schaller. I'll pass them along to the membership. (Incidently, I won't filter for content, merely for relevence. I leave the membership's e-mail addresses out of these pages to protect them from spam.)



1. The House Organ
Words of questionable wisdom from the Distribution Manager
2. Critique Assignments
Who Should Critique Whom, for the benefit of the APAGear Members
3. Scott Blow
"Return of the Shadows of the Living Dead" -- Tactical Zombie Rules!
4. Jason English
"Timeline of the Hong Kong Crusaders, Part One" -- Setting Background!
5. Janne Kemppi
The Mirage Rose -- Terranovan Flora!
6. Buji Kern
"Black Box, Part One" -- Fiction!
7. Dennis Kirkpatrick
"White Sands of Mercy" -- RPG/Tactical Scenario!
8. Phil Lemieux
DSX-Alpha Crotale -- Vehicle Design!
9. Harman Meyerhoff
"A Matter of Honor," Part One -- Fiction!

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APAGear II Archives Volume 2, Number 9 October, 2000