APAGear II Volume 2, Number 9 October, 2000
(This page is a copy of the press release that appeared on Dream Pod 9's Web pages at the beginning of October, 2000.)


Customizable Disk Game Based on Dream Pod 9's Popular Science-Fiction Universe Set for GenCon 2001 Debut

Roseville, Minnesota, September 29th, 2000 -- Fantasy Flight Games is pleased to announce that it has acquired the license to publish a customizable disk game (CDG) based on Dream Pod 9's acclaimed Heavy Gear(tm) universe. The Heavy Gear CDG will be designed and published by Fantasy Flight and is scheduled to debut at GenCon '01 (August 2001). The Heavy Gear game will use Fantasy Flight's proprietary customizable disk-game mechanic, introduced in the best-selling and award-winning DiskWars(tm) game. With a new CDG system designed specifically for Heavy Gear, it promises a unique and exciting brand of tabletop mechanized combat.

"Heavy Gear is an exciting, evolving property in a strong and compelling genre -- one we believe is perfect for a customizable disk game," said Christian Petersen, Fantasy Flight's CEO. "We look forward to working with Dream Pod 9 to create an exciting new game system that will appeal to fans of both Heavy Gear and Fantasy Flight's CDGs."

"DiskWars is an incredible new concept in gaming, and we're very excited to get in on the ground floor," added Pierre Ouellette, President of Dream Pod 9. "The Heavy Gear CDG license will be a great addition to the upcoming television series by Sony."

Fantasy Flight, Inc., a corporation with offices in Roseville, Minnesota, is a leading U.S. hobby market producer of board games, roleplaying games, card games, and customizable disk games. FFG's Origins Award-winning DiskWars game introduced the customizable disk-game category to the hobby market and has been followed by releases adapted for some of the hobby's most popular properties, including Star Trek, Deadlands, and Legend of the Five Rings.

Dream Pod 9, Inc. is a Montreal-based entertainment properties design studio. In addition to publishing games based on their creations, they also work on a large number of special projects, creating worlds and stories to order for a variety of clients. They are best known for their Heavy Gear, Jovian Chronicles, Tribe 8 and Gear Krieg universes, which have generated many games, models and miniatures. Heavy Gear has been licensed for computer games by Activision, a 40-episode television series by Sony Pictures Family Entertainment (coming first quarter 2001) and a line of toys by Bandai.

DiskWars is a trademark of Fantasy Flight, Inc. Deadlands is a trademark of Pinnacle Entertainment Group, Inc. Legend of the Five Rings is a trademark of Wizards of the Coast, Inc. Star Trek is a trademark of Paramount, Inc. Heavy Gear, Jovian Chronicles, Tribe 8, and Gear Krieg are trademarks of Dream Pod 9, Inc. All rights reserved.

Orders and Sales Information:

Fantasy Flight, Inc.
2021 W. County Rd. C
Roseville, MN 55113
Phone: 651-639-1905
Fax: 651-639-1764

For more Information:

Greg Benage
Fantasy Flight, Inc.
Phone: 651-639-1905

Dream Pod 9, Inc.
5000 Iberville, Suite 332
Montreal, Quebec, H2H 2S6
Phone: (514) 523-1350
Fax: (514) 523-8680

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APAGear II Volume 2, Number 9 October, 2000