APAGear II Archives Volume 2, Number 9 October, 2000


White Sands of Mercy

An RPG/Tactical Scenario for Heavy Gear

Dennis D. Kirkpatrick

1.0 Adventure Introduction

TN 1937 - Border activity along the Badlands north of Westphalia has been steadily increasing over the past few months. The MILICIA have started wider "security" sweeps throughout the local Badlands region up into the very edge of the Karaq Wastes. The 1st Company from the Paladins 3rd PDRF HG Regiment, has been placed on alert in Piece River in response to the increased Southern aggression to the west in the White Sands Desert.

2.0 Sequence 1: Mission of Mercy

It has been a typical day of drills and chores for your squad. The atmosphere carries a ting of boredom. The other soldiers of the Paladin 1st Company that are stationed with you are enjoying being back in Paxton after the recent long patrols in the Eastern Desert. There is much to do in the industrial city, but duty calls your team regularly, for KP or cleanup. And if you complain, your senior officers always seem to find plenty else to do for you.

At the evening mess table, you and your team members settle down to discover another creative way of overcooking hopper. That is when you get a priority call on the mess' intercom. Your squadron has been called into a Mission Briefing by your commanding officer at 2800 hours.

Mission Briefing

[GM may read this verbatim or improvise.]

Upon entering the briefing room, you are handed a folder containing mission information. You are asked to sit down by the commanding officer standing at the front display board. He waits till everyone is seated, and then he begins the briefing.

"As you may well know, there was a recent sandstorm that occurred 4200km west of us just two days ago. The Paxton Mining Division is running an operation just outside the Karaq Desert. Their Desert Operations Center is in the heart of that storm, and after two days of no contact, we have finally received a distress reply from them. As you can see from your charts or on the display board behind me, they are standard oasis tower facility without any unusual characteristics. Their distress call claims that the storm, carrying sufficient amounts of white sand, severely corroded their solar array and primary life support." The officer looks at your squad intently.

"Currently, atmospheric conditions prohibit the use of aircraft, we've already lost an Orca and two Dragonfly in the storm. Apparently, they suffered from the white sands corrosion as well. We are standing by with a relief effort of two additional Orcas carrying medical and industrial supplies along with four engineering gears to assist in the necessary repairs. Your mission is to travel under the storm, find the downed pilots and confirm location of the Desert Operations Tower along the prescribed path here," the officer points to the display board where a map of the region between Paxton and the Mining Operation.

" . . . , and record a proper survey report of the damage, while offering assistance as needed." There is a pause by the commanding officer, he then continues, "I don't have to tell you that the MILCIA has been increasing patrols through your intended trajectory. Intelligence over the past few days has showed no southern cadres patrolling the oasis tower area. However, you have been given authorization to use deterrent force to achieve your mission," the officer states plainly. "I repeat, you have been give authorization to use deterrent force but keep your head to the mission. No hero-play or screw-ups."

"I can tell you that the politico's in Corp want this operation to be a success as there are Paxton citizen's lives at stake here. All your gears are being prepared and will ready to depart at 0800 hours tomorrow morning. Any questions?"

GM Notes

The briefing officer will answer any questions that the PCs might have that pertain to the mission. Their folder will display a mapped route to the mining operation and a detail of the small amount of equipment to be transported by them. The list will contain various medical supplies and field rations. The briefing officer will close the briefing with best wishes on their mission.

PCs will have time to take care of whatever personal business they need. They should also take the time to examine their equipment and Gears. The technicians will give the status to their vehicles. Once this is done, the PCs will need to be ready to go.


Prepare for mission into the Karaq Wastes. PCs should take care to ensure that they understand the mission and all their equipment.



1 x Chieftain (lvl 3) - Squadron Leader
1 x Warrior (lvl 3)
3 x Warrior (lvl 2)*

All HGs equipped with a single Vibroblade and six HG hand-grenades of PCs choice.

Standard equipment assigned to each pilot: Light flak suit, Desert suit, 9mm pistol w/ 2 extra clips, Throat/ear communication set, First Aid kit, Memcompass, Binoculars, Water Condenser

*Gear is carrying approximately 400kg of medical supplies and field rations.

Potential Complications or Side Stories

One (or more) of the Gear pilots just started a new romance with a local girl/boy.

Another of the pilots is pulled aside by the commanding officer after the briefing. The pilot is commended for a fine career so far, and hinted that this mission could mean a promotion.

Mechanical problems occur in one of the PC's Gear's Primary Movement Systems. NNet has to be transferred to another Gear (same model) due to mission start time considerations. The pilot loses all vehicular attribute bonuses (will keep any improvement in Mannerisms, Independence or other mental attributes). See Technical Manual for skill rolls for recovery.

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