APAGear II Archives Volume 2, Number 9 October, 2000


DSX-Alpha Crotale

Phil Lemieux


There's been a long time since Dynamic Systems wanted its revenge on Territorial Arms and it seems that the time has finally come. Since the 2nd Interpolar War the AST wanted to have a gear that could outmatch any of the Northern models and especially the feared CEF Frames, both on Terra Nova, on Caprice and in the space around these planets. They didn't issued a bid for submission but rumors had it that they wanted such a gear. Dynamic Systems following sales of some Desert Viper Mk.2 to the Black Talons had enough fund to finally release their long awaited next generation gear in anticipation of an AST order. This took form in the DSX-Alpha Crotale the next step in Terra Novan gear design. A rather squat gear the Crotale continues where late model Black Mambas and Snakeyes left. That is achieving stealth and concealment while having a potent and abordable gear that is easy to strip and repair in the field while taking gear design a step forward. The trick is that Dynamics used many off-the-shelf tuning parts for Hobby Hunters and Hobby Jägers and the high performance Salamander gears and cramped them in a small and sturdy chassis. All the frames spars are made of a new composite called Flexsteel that wields extraordinary strenght while being quite ductile. Basically what Flexsteel will do is absorb the shock of a step and redirects it in a forward movement much like a spring. This allows for extraordinary maneuvrability while not sacrificing armor and sturdiness. Not only the frame is high-tech the engines are too. New Windhill micro V-engines are installed on the back of the gear, next generation engines they are half the size of the Black Mamba WV-930TC while still providing 90Hp more. That makes for the best maneuvring gear yet to walk on this face of Terra Nova lot better than Cheetah and as Dynamic Systems officials state more than the Cheetah Mk.II.

Not only the chassis is good but the electronics are very advanced. The most prominent feature of the Crotale is the twin sensor booms that provides target data for the Micro-Pilum missiles. These can be extended in much the same way as the ones on the Naga and they serve the same purpose. Most of the electronics are off-the-shlef too based on the best Paxton surveillance security systems.

[NOTE: Click on the image of the Crotale to see a larger version, 39.2 kB download. -Ed.]

Service Record

The DSX-Alpha has undergone a very long and protracted design phase with lots and lots of prototypes. This is said to have crumpled Dynamic Systems but the recent sale of Desert Viper has jumpstarted Dynamic's finances. They have produced three final production gears and they travel them in most Gear shows around the planet. They displayed the gear to the AST procurment officials and to the Curia. There seems to be a certain interest but not much rumors have surfaced whether the gear will be selected or other contenders will be asked to submit designs. Territorial Arms is hot on the Brahmin Cobra and Brahmin Mamba, knowing that TA is something of a political Goliath compared to Dynamic it remains to be seen if the Crotale has some future. If the gear is not selected it could mean the end of Dynamic Systems and the end of gear competition in the South with TA as the sole monopoly.

Vehicle Specifications

                        Name: DSX-Alpha Crotale
             Production code: Not in service yet
             Production type: Limited Production
                        Cost: 28,826,333 dinars
                Manufacturer: Dynamic Systems Co.
                         Use: 3rd generation trooper gear
                      Height: 4,0m
                       Width: 2,9m
     Average armor thickness: 55mm
              Armor material: armoplast w/ RAM
Standard operationnal weight: 7 000kg
       Primary movement mode: walker
     Secondary movement mode: wheels
            Deployment range: 650km
                Sensor range: 140hexes/7km
         Communication range: 600hexes/30km
                  Powerplant: Windhill Mikros
                  Horsepower: 700Hp

General Stats

           Threat Value: 5 087
        Offensive Value: 9 325
        Defensive Value: 3 657
    Miscellaneous Value: 2 280
                   Size: 6
  Original Default Size: 17
       Model Lemon Dice: 4
       Indv. Lemon Dice:
                   Crew: 1
          Bonus Actions: 0


      Primary Move Mode: Walk
           Combat Speed: 6
              Top Speed: 12
Secondary Movement Mode: Ground
           Combat Speed: 10
              Top Speed: 20
               Maneuver: +2


                Sensors: +2
         Communications: +2
           Fire Control: +2


           Light Damage: 18
           Heavy Damage: 36
               Overkill: 54

Vehicle Availability

Availability Threshhold:
    Max Number on Field:

Weapons Summary

Name             Code      Arc     Ammo

Rucker MR-1000   MAC       fwd     30
Micro-Pilum      AGM       fwd     4
Vogel-8          MRP12     fwd     12
GL-02            APGL      f.fwd   4
GL-02            APGL      f.fwd   4
HG-H4            HHG       fwd     2
VU-11            VB        fwd     -


Name                             Rating Game Effects

Hostile Environment Protection   -      Desert, Vacuum
Manipulator Arm x2               7      Can punch
Airdropable                      -      Can be airdropped
Autopilot                        -      Act as level 1 pilot
Target Designator AUX            4      Can designate targets for guided weapons
Stealth                          2      Add rating to concealment
Low Profile                      -      Add +1 to concealment
Back-up Sensors                  -      Abosrb first Sensor hit
Back-up Fire Control             -      Absorb first Fire Control hit


Name                  Rating Game Effects

-                     -      -


Name                  Rating Game Effects

-                     -      -

[Click on the image of the Crotale to see a larger version, 37.2 kB download]

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