APAGear II Archives Volume 2, Number 11 December, 2000


Type 55(E) Fatpioneer

Phil Lemieux

[NOTE: This vehicle is an engineering Mount used in Gomorrah on Caprice. -Ed.]

Type 55(E) Fatpioneer

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Vehicle Specifications

                        Name: Fatpionneer (unofficial)
             Production code: Type 55(E)
             Production type: Limited Production
                        Cost: 76 666 pounds
                Manufacturer: Various corporations
                         Use: Engineering Mount
                      Height: 3.6 m
                       Width: 2.0 m
     Average armor thickness: 80 mm
              Armor material: Composite
Standard operationnal weight: 5200 kg
       Primary movement mode: Walk (54 kph)
     Secondary movement mode: N/A
            Deployment range: 325 km
                Sensor range: 3 km (150 hexes)
         Communication range: 12 km (600 hexes)
                  Powerplant: Electric/Gas Turbine
                  Horsepower: 475 HP

General Stats

           Threat Value: 115
        Offensive Value: 5
        Defensive Value: 50
    Miscellaneous Value: 291
                   Size: 6
  Original Default Size: 5
       Model Lemon Dice: 2
       Indv. Lemon Dice: 2
                   Crew: 1
          Bonus Actions: 0


      Primary Move Mode: Walk
           Combat Speed: 4
              Top Speed: 9
Secondary Movement Mode: N/A
           Combat Speed: N/A
              Top Speed: N/A
               Maneuver: -2


                Sensors: +0
         Communications: +0
           Fire Control: +0


           Light Damage: 9
           Heavy Damage: 18
               Overkill: 27

Vehicle Availability

Availability Threshhold:
    Max Number on Field:

Weapons Summary

Name             Code      Arc     Ammo

None             -         -       -


Name                             Rating Game Effects

Hostile Environment Protection   -      Desert, Extreme Cold
Improved Off-Road ability        -      -1 MP for hexes with 2+ MP costs
Life support                     -      Limited
Loudspeakers                     -      -
Manipulator Arm x2               5      Can punch
Tool Arm                         12     Crane, Cannot punch
Tool Arm                         4      Dozer Blade, Cannot punch
Searchlight                      -      50 m range


Name                  Rating Game Effects

Annoyance             -      Can hear debris bouncing off the entry hatch
Sensor Dependent      -      Must rely on sensors during combat
HEAT Vulnerable       1      Add rating to damage from HEAT weapons


Name                  Rating Game Effects

-                     -      -

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APAGear II Archives Volume 2, Number 11 December, 2000