APAGear II Archives Volume 3, Number 5 June, 2001


Corporal Stan Lenaris

Mika Peltola

TN 1941

Stan is only son of Colonel Reichter Lenaris. Born on Winter fifth in TN1917. As for mother he has none. Save the nannies of the Executive towers crèche-group (part of the Paxton corporate childcare program for executive caste). It goes without saying that Stan's childhood was lonely one, being barred from normal parent-child relationship. Knowing his father only by reputation and meeting him in person few times per cycle. In school Stan quickly carved niche for himself socially and excelled in physical education and technical education. So well indeed, that he chose Paxton engineering school over management academy at age of 15. From TN1933 to TN1937 he studied at Paxton engineering school learning lot about the gears, and technology that is behind them.

In spring TN1938 he joined PRDF as a field technician and was assigned to "Mirage Group" (half PRDF half, PaxSec gear unit) as a junior mechanic (he suspects that his father had a hand in this turn of events). During the Interpolar War until the destruction of the Peace River by Anti-Matter device he worked as a field mechanic and junior logistics officer in "Mirage Group". Which was formed in TN1931 from PRDF volunteers. His time in "Mirage Group" taught him a great deal of unconventional warfare. As the "Mirage Group" is a black operations commando unit of the Paxton Arms, mostly staffed with people from Paxton Security, PRDF and Paxton Arms R&D. Only thing that Stan does fear is that he will become more like his father a manipulator. Unlike most Riverans Stan has not adopted this insane lust for revenge that seems to permeate PRDF after the destruction of Peace River, he just sees that someone must be desperate to make such a move. He feels that the on the long the current actions of Terra Novans are going cause more ruin that probable second CEF invasion. His pet theory about destruction of the Peace River is that it was calculated to drive Terra Novans doing something rash and would exhaust themselves economically, in matter of years.


Stan is a field technician and quite proud of his ability fix gears in record times. He also has been attributed with partial credits of the "Mirage Groups" own Night Stalker gears creation (variant of Stalker gear, see end of the article). While he can pilot gears his experience is pretty much limited to work gears as he has no formal combat training with gears. His other skills include basic military training and some other skills like several foreign languages.


Stan is a sociable loner. I. e., he has a social life, and he seems a nice fellow, but he is next from impossible to get close with. He's had few short relationships while at school and at calmer moments during the war. But it always seems to end up each going their own way. Stan is fairly knowledgeable for his age and willing to help others in information searching. Stan's real specialty is Gears and their variants. He can recognize almost any gear from picture, and can find details for variant with couple hours search. And he has been named as a "walking gear cyclopedia" by colleagues. His close ties to Paxton Arms R&D and several freelance gear designers keeps him pretty much up to date with technological development. Stan has revived art of blacksmithing as a hobby. Some of his recent discoveries are for example technique that allows creation of extra hard damascus blades with distinctive reddish hue. These blades have become sort of a fad among members of the "mirage group."

Even at almost 50 cycles, Susan never really bought into any of the seemingly dozens of religions that most Northerners professed deep faith in. Though technically a Sorrento Revisionist, she wasn't very devout. Most of her conversations with the Gentle Spirit were one of "Why me?" "Please let this work" and a heartfelt, "Thank you". Now was a time for the third. She knew the odds of any new company, especially one trying to break into the Gear design field, and this substantially increased hers.

Combat Reactions

Stan is not fighter and he knows it, in combat he'll react more or less according his training. He is fit and quite able bodied, but lacks combat experience. He has been trained with anti-gear rifles and that combined with his knowledge of gears internal systems enables him to kill gear with well placed round, if given a chance to snipe on the enemy.


Captain Malcolm Haus (Age 47; Specialties combat and stealth) current commander of "mirage group" and his primary source on information about his father.

Sgt. Roi Chance (Age 32; Specialties combat engineering and demolitions) his superior in "mirage group" and person responsible for designing their field bases.

Vital Statistics

Age: 24 Cycles Height: 1.78 m Mass: 70 kg Hair Color: Dark Grey Eye Color: Pale Blue


AGI +1 APP 0 BLD 0 CRE +1 FIT +1
INF -1 KNO +2 PER +1 PSY +1 WIL +1
STR +0 HEA +1 STA 30 Shock: 6


Skills Skills Skills Skills
Communications 1/+2 Camouflage 1/+1 Computer 2/+2 Survival 1/+1
Electronics 2/+2 Small Arms 2/+1 HG Architecture 2/+2 Sniping (Anti-Gear rifle) 1/+1
Mechanics 2/+2 Teaching 2/+1 Mech. Design 2/+2 HG Pilot 1/+1
Tinker 3/+1 Physical Sciences 1/+2 Combat Sense 1/+1 First Aid 1/+2
Leadership (Workshop +1) 1/-1 Hand-to-Hand 1/+1 Craft (Blacksmithing) 1/+1 Craft (Leather Working) 1/+1
Etiquette 1/-1 Dodge 1/+1

Badlands Damascus Blade

A unique process discovered by Stan, which allows a formation extremely hard blades that have very distinctive appearance. Each one of these blades is handmade and extremely sharp and very hard to dull. On his spare time Stan takes orders from anyone who wants such blade and is willing to pay fifteen to twenty times the price of similar commercially available weapon. It usually takes several days for him to make the weapon, but he offers his weapons a lifetime guarantee. As there is only one known case of weapon breakage. And that was due an attempt to install vibroblade mechanism into it causing the blade to brake apart in spectacular fashion on first activation, injuring the Sgt. Morris in process.

In game terms any damascus blades made by Stan will have 25% higher base damage and fifteen to twenty times the cost and are considered very hard to break unless used to parry vibroweapon. In which case the damascus blade has 50% chance break.

Game master's notes about Stan:

Ok, what we have here character that does not have a mother really. Any background checks won't turn up thing about his mother, a fact that bugs Stan a lot. Any perceptive person with PaxSec contacts will note that Stan looks lot like Reichter Lenaris but some fifty cycles younger, and that he slightly more muscular and healthier looking. The truth is Stan is a clone of Reichter Lenaris with slight genetic modifications to ensure that he will not develop similar genetic defects as he did. Stan was brought to term in Yelean private clinic that specializes in surrogate mother services (which are illegal in Norlight). Stan's surrogate mothers name is not mentioned anywhere in his papers, as if she would not have existed. Stan is interested of finding out about his parents, even up to the point of hiring an investigator to find her mother. The most puzzling thing about Stan is reason why he was created. Was it that he wanted a child, but did not want involve himself any woman (a potential security risk?), who knows? And as the old man Lenaris is no longer alive to tell, as he perished in flames of Peace Rivers destruction.

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APAGear II Archives Volume 3, Number 5 June, 2001