APAGear II Archives Volume 3, Number 7 August, 2001


Operation HARVEST

Dennis D. Kirkpatrick

"Well, that's that," Ranger Anon Morasin confirmed, resting back into his cockpit chair, taking a deep breath.

"So, Anon, when will they get here," Corporal Grigori asked.

"They aren't; we're going to them," Anon responded.

"What?" Grigori exclaimed. "Sir, we are cut off from our company. What the hell is command thinking?"

"They are thinking of the big picture, corporal," Anon snapped back with authority. With a short pause, Ranger Morasin continued. "Alright, folks. Here's the game plan. HQ has assigned us to head south.

"South, are they crazy!" Corporal Ferah interrupted. "We just came from the south. The frontline has been overrun, sir."

"Don't interrupt your commander when being given instructions, Corporal Ferah," Anon barked.

"Sorry, sir."

"OK, we are ordered to proceed south and then east. There is a small maintenance base that has also been cut off from ground forces to the west of us and further east of the base. We are to make way down and protect the base, assisting the pending evac and then bale out with the last Orca." Anon paused, then continued. "Any questions? Ferah?"

"No sir, I guess," Ferah answered.

"Don't guess corporal, be certain. What do you need to know?"

"Nothing, sir. I understand."

"Everyone else?" A chorus of affirmations sounded over Anon's comm. "Good. Click your navcoms onto my system. Let's move out, best speed."

Tactical Scenerio

Southern forces have been advancing on Northern forces overnight and have effectively cut off a frontline maintenance base from the rest of the Northern Army. Four Orcas have been dispatched to evacuate the base, both gears and personnel. Evacuation preparations are being executed at the base, but the Orcas may not arrive before Southern ground forces can close in on the base.

Separated from his company during the enemy breakthrough, Senior Ranger Anon Morasin and his squadmates have been ordered to hold off the Southern gear cadres long enough for three Orcas to conduct the evacuation of the base personnel and critical equipment. He has been warned that he will be outnumbered but must take whatever means necessary to defend the evacuation of the base. Once the personnel are safely aboard, another Orca will land to evacuate Anon, his squad and any remaining personnel out of the area. Northern Command has stated that they cannot spare any air support to assist in the evacuation. Ranger Morasin is hoping that he and his squad won't need it.

Mission Conditions

Scale Tactical - treat woodland as rough terrain
Weather Clear
Time of Day Dawn
Terrain mixed hills, rocks and rough with little vegetation
Northern Forces Jaguar (1 x Lv3), Hunters (2 x Lv1), Grizzly (2 x Lv3), Orca (4 x Lv2)
Southern Forces DartJäger (1 x Lv3), Iguana (2 x Lv2), Naga (2 x Lv2), Jäger (2 x Lv1), DartJäger (1 x Lv2), Spitting Cobra (2 x Lv2)
Northern Objectives Successfully evacuate all personnel include garrison squad
Southern Objectives Overrun and capture base supplies and personnel

Mission Objectives

Northerners get a partial victory for escaping with two Orcas and Ranger Morasin's squad escaping off the northwestern edge of the map. The Southerners get a partial victory for destroying at least three Orcas or one Orca and Ranger Anon's squad.

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APAGear II Archives Volume 3, Number 7 August, 2001