APAGear II Archives Volume 3, Number 8 September, 2001



The Tip-Toe Girls

Janne Kemppi

There are people who find exploration irresistible temptation. Some go mountaineering, others dive underneath surface, and some explore caves. Others penetrate into man-made tunnels looking for that something else. This is what a select group of GRELs - infiltrators - is all about.

No one really knows where Infiltrators come from or they did their first penetration into West Base. However, Korps assumes that they originate from massive discharge of GRELs into reserves when all too many GRELs found way too much time in their hands right after the end of Operation Terra Nova. There were plenty of problems as many GRELs, who often had no training or experience in dealing civilian hardship compared to easy lifestyle of combat, often did plenty of seemingly bizarre activities without a second thought. Korps answered these challenges with combination of in-depth training of complexities of civilian life style and vengeful enforcement of rules and regulations for running new Port Arthur. Thus GREL free-time problems seem to be under control -at least on surface- but underneath things are not so clear-cut...

There has been scattered reports on Korps databases of trespassing military property (although much of it goes to longing of many GRELs back to military lifestyle) but recently there has been increase in far more professional set of penetrations -infiltration- by a small group who does everything very professionally. They seem way too well equipped and far too skilled to be mere colonial special forces such as Black Talon primadonnas. Soon Korps counterintelligence officers came into conclusion that the infiltrators had to be CEF troops like they were. However, this infiltrating group does not seem to steal or destroy anything, although they do seem to accidentally cause minor damage at times. Thus Korps has given Infiltrators relatively low priority, at least for the moment...

Infiltrators keep low profile on themselves. They spend most of their time in GREL Quarter in Port Arthur. They have a home, operating base, in old barracks that has a fallout shelter beneath. It has a number of escape tunnels, all of which are connected to a huge number of service tunnels (some of which are caved-in) crisscrossing both Port Arthur and West Base. This offers them huge area to explore. Infiltrators do not recruit people per se, instead they all know each other and getting in is by word of mouth.

Infiltrators are small, tightly knit group of GRELs who have vented out their frustrations on civilian life towards exploration activities. Most of them are Morganas but all other GREL groups are present in one way or another. For example few Mordreds in-group help in excavating tunnels. All members of group take part in exploration missions although hard core is always few Morganas looking for the thrill. They have superb equipment as they have scavenged number of CEF standard items during their trips. Infiltrators are somewhat curious group that mixes tremendous willingness to play out their recently learned civilian lifestyle "quirks" on free time to macho military culture of CEF (they still find it hard to relate to "mere" Korps) combined with extremely professional attitude during the work. This could create somewhat surreal situation where everyone plays out humans while they are underneath something totally different.

Starting Point: Gaols & GRELs

Characters need to find something valuable inside ruins of West Base. Since they probably would need to bypass Korps outposts guarding entry, underground passage would be the only way. Since characters probably have probably little or no clue of how to prowl underneath, some expert help would be very necessary. Getting in contact with infiltrators is even tougher as they do not advertise their activities and are naturally highly suspicious of outsiders, especially colonials. They are rebelling against neither Port Arthur, nor CEF for the matter, and getting their help can be quite tricky. However, these giant soldier-girls are also somewhat naïve children. Easy money might be temptation, especially since GRELs have quite low daily allowance and windfall of liths (they do not accept anything else) would mean piles of new romantic novels and action movie videos for them. Of course, they could demand something that might seem completely trivial to characters but deathly important to infiltrators themselves.

However, once they get mission underway, things could get easily more than what was bargained for...

Variation Description
1 A cave-in occurs! This can be tremendously dangerous because no one knows where he or she is and thus there is no help coming. Mere survival can become an adventure itself...
2 Mirror image! They meet a Korps patrol scouting tunnels for possible enemies (infiltrators are exactly enemies but player characters would not be crawling underneath unless they had a pretty good reason for it). This essentially sets up infiltrators against another group of infiltrators...both of who know perfectly well all tricks of the trade.
3 Oops! Underground tunnels are perfect place for a secret meeting and a group might bump into something. It could be Yakutian Brotherhood meeting or colonial terrorists gathering or possibly more pacifist occurrence such as Soldier Sebastian's followers. What happens next depends on very first actions both sides make.
4 Wrong Exit! Even infiltrators make mistakes or they just bump into a lengthy detour. This could mean that whole affair could take much longer than anticipated. This could create problems, especially if characters are working against tight schedule and they need to increase pace (and risk of getting discovered)...
5 It came from Beneath! There is life in almost everywhere and tunnels beneath Port Arthur should not be different. However, most of life there would be unnoticeable or probably similar to what exists in Van Allen caves. There should actually be link between those caves and tunnels. Underground flora and fauna are quite different to what is normally seen. This can create quite surprising encounters with people who are not accustomed with them.
6 What's this? West Base is nothing short of huge military installation and they could get into a warehouse filled all kinds of material that could be interesting or perhaps just abandoned or plain curious. Findings may differ from a crates filled with ballpoint pens and forms to wedding gowns to complete hovertanks.

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APAGear II Archives Volume 3, Number 8 September, 2001