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Paxton Arms Bulldog Tank


Mika Peltola

Paxton Arms has made some attempts to pierce into tank market, but as with heavy gear market, they are pretty much in the hands of the polar government contractors (NorthCo, Territorial Arms etc.).

PAT-03 Bulldog tank Mk.II

Overview and History

Bulldog is the mainstay homegrown vehicle of the PRDF's armoured regiments. Introduced in Summer-TN1848, the bulldog became a modestly successful in foreign sales. Most notably, it was adopted by the elite 129th Armoured regiment (Prophets Hammers) of Northern Guard, as an alternative for the NT-9 Klemm light tank, until the "war of the alliance" were most of the 129ths bulldogs got decitimated.

From the beginning the Bulldog was designed as an air droppable tank-hunting unit, by request from PRDF. The current model of Bulldog is MK.II.

Bulldog is armed with twin 106mm "Little Joe" snub cannons mounted on prow of the vehicle and and twelve missile vertical launch system for "spike" light anti-armor missiles, that can be launched into any direction in the back of the vehicle. Also the Bulldog has very low profile (also known as the "sandray" tank) and very good off-road performance. Thus bulldog is capable outrunning every other conventional tank on Terra Nova. The Bulldogs armour is overall slightly inferior to Klemm, for example. Of course even Bulldog has it's problems: First, it is a terrible fuel guzzler, which limits its usefulness on longer campaigns (airdroppablility alleviates this problem a little). Second, the vehicle is prone to overheat, usually on the worst possible moment of the battle. Also the poorly protected motive system has resulted few too many mobility kills. Bulldog did not fare as well as expected was during the "war of alliance" as it lacked weapons to hit the zipping hovertanks and the anti-personnel grenade launcher was no match for GREL super-soldiers. The production of the Bulldog was toned down during cycles that followed the "war of alliance". The Bulldogs are still used by the 5th armoured regiment of PRDF.

When compared to other tanks on Terra Nova the Bulldog has several oddities in its design like fact that gunner rides in the body of vehicle just behind the cannon reloading assembly and the driver sits right behind him.

The PRDF tankers have developed several tactics to exploit the strengths of the Bulldog design. For Example: "Bulldog Jaws" tactic includes several Bulldogs waiting hull down until the enemy reaches designated spot in order to initiate a pincer attack on enemies flanks. During the Interpolar war the "Bulldog Jaws" tactic was used to ambush intruding polar armoured units fairly successfully. Another common tactic used by bulldog crews teamed with target designator equipped units is to put tank into hull down position and start lobbing missiles on designated target. Obsiviously this tactic is effective only against light tanks and gears, as "Spike" missile lacks punch to hurt MBTs and striders.

PAT-03 Bulldog tank Mk.II

Vehicle Specifications
                   Name: PAT-03 Bulldog tank Mk.II
           Vehicle Type: Tank
        Production Type: Limited Production
                   Cost: 2 908 889 
           Manufacturer: Paxton Arms
                    Use: Assault
                 Height: 2,09 meters
                 Length: 8,72 meters
   Avg. Armor Thickness: 130mm
         Armor Material: DuraCeramite
    Standard Op. Weight: 21073 kg
      Primary Move Mode: Ground (72 kph)
       Deployment Range: 650 km
           Sensor Range: 2 km
    Communication Range: 15 km
             Powerplant: ZW-61 Gas Turbine
          Engine Output: 630Hp

General Stats
           Threat Value: 1 190
        Offensive Value: 2 695
        Defensive Value: 291
    Miscellaneous Value: 582
                   Size: 9
  Original Default Size: 11
       Indv. Lemon Dice: 2
                   Crew: 2
          Bonus Actions: 1

      Primary Move Mode: Ground
           Combat Speed: 6
              Top Speed: 12
               Maneuver: -2

                Sensors: +1
         Communications: +1
           Fire Control: 0

           Light Damage: 24
           Heavy Damage: 48
               Overkill: 72

Qty Name                      Code     Arc Ammo
2   106mm "Little Joe" SC     SC       F   12 
1   AGM/12 "Spike"            AGM      T   12
1   APGL-82                   APGL     T   12

HEAT Resistant Armor (R8)
HEP: Desert
Improved Off-Road
Low Profile 
Reinforced Armor (R8)
Ram Plate
Weapon Link (SC)

Fuel Inefficient (R1)
Sensor Dependent
Weak Point (R4, Movement System)



PAT-03 Bulldog Mk.I (pre-war of the alliance)

This is the original Bulldog that got utterly beaten by the Earther hardware and thus prompted for upgrade into Bulldog Mk.II

    Remove: AGM and ammo
    Change: Sensors:0/2km and Commo:0/15km.
    TV: 650 (O:1152 D:291 M:506)
    Price: 1 300 000 Marks/Dinars

Hellhound (WotA refit)

As many of the bulldogs were blown into oblivion by the CEF, the field technicians struggled to find new uses for the suddenly obsolated Bulldogs. The answer came from the 9th Armored MILICIA regiments technicians when they assembled a new tank from two destroyed Hittite anti-infantry tanks and one slightly damaged Bulldog. The new vehicle was named Hellhound, due it's fire breathing habit. During the rest of the war the Hellhound refits turned out to be very effective weapons when flushing GRELs out of occupied fortifications...

    Remove: Snub Cannons, AGM and ammo
    Add: two Heavy flamers(Arc:F,Ammo:900 each) and Weapons Link
    Perk(both Flamers)
    TV: 574 (O:808 D:291 M:623)
    Price: 1 020 444 Marks/Dinars

PAT-03/ART Long-Fang Bulldog

A Long-Fang Bulldog is a quite little known variant of the Bulldog Mk.II, that has been fielded by the paxton Arms Armored reginments occasionally since the war of the alliance. This variant trades the short rranged hard-hittong firepower of the snub cannons in as inaccurate but longer ranged 63mm very light field guns. A common tactic with Long-Fang Bulldogs is to seek a good hulldown position, lie down, wait, fired few shots and run for next firing position. Usually these vehicles are deployed as a frontline light artillery.

    Change: Snub Cannons to Very Light Field Guns (ammo remains 12 per gun)
    TV:1190 (O:2697 D:291 M:582)
    Price: 2 908 889 Marks/Dinars

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