APAGear II Archives Volume 3, Number 11 December, 2001


3rd Black Talon: Return to Caprice


Dennis Kirkpatrick

Author's Preface

This is the second submission of the proposal that I submitted here. While this second practice session isn't listed in the original proposal; I decided that I needed to include more practice sessions, simulating the missions that a Talon team might be assigned. You can call it requirements creep or simple artistic license. ^_^ Future submissions will continue to flesh this proposal out into a full draft work.

The first scenario is here.

2.2 Scenario 2: Practice makes Perfect II

Helios has long dropped below the horizon, submitting to the darkness of a moonless night. In this cover of darkness, the 3rd Black Talons are assigned to escort a VIP out of a practice hotzone across the Badlands west of the Karaq Wastes facility. There are suspected mock-CEF raiding forces patrolling nearby. Most of the path is rocky and provides sufficient cover for stealth. However, there is a five-kilometer open stretch that must be used, a declared "no-man's" zone by the mock-CEF Command. This stretch of terrain is open with only shallow hills and depressions available for cover. The Talons are assigned to successfully escort the VIP across this area to safety.

game map

Mission Conditions

This is a Black Talon Training session, meant to simulate the Talons escorting Liberati forces. All weapon systems are equipped with tagging sensors and laser optics to simulate combat. Hand grenades, missiles and mortars are armed with non-lethal strobe-flash explosives that will register on all tagging sensors in proximity of the simulated blast. All vibro-weapons have been removed from gears as safeguards.

This scenario is set at night. Terrain is sand and dust, limiting movement for all walker and ground vehicles but not hovercraft. Level 1 depressions are represented on the map as white areas. While level 1 elevations are represented by red-tan areas. The map represents only a single kilometer stretch of the required course. Just run duplicate maps end to end to simulate the entire five-kilometer run, rotating the map a half turn for randomness.

During each turn that the Talon escort and VIP move across the table, both teams roll a detection-action test. It is played that the mock-CEF patrols are using active sensors, so this allows the Talons to realize they are being scanned. If the Talon Team is successfully detected, then the mock-CEF Patrol Group should roll two D6 for each patrol, using standard silhouette die rules (i.e. 5 + 4 = 5, 6 + 6 = 7, etc.). Each die roll represents the number of turns before that patrol can enter the board. Mock-CEF player should also declare to the GM which side of the board each patrol will enter from, the North or the South. This information (the die roll and declaration) should be kept secret from the Talon team players, given to only the GM or a trusted player form the other team. These die rolls simulates the mock-CEF's need to detect the Talon escort and traverse the distance to engage. The patrol may then enter the board from the earlier declared side of the map at the resultant turn. The mock-CEF Patrol Group is ordered to destroy anything that moves across the no-man's zone.

The Talon force is ordered to escort the VIP's vehicle across the no-man's zone successfully. They are authorized to engage any and all opposition to this goal. There is no time limit for them, only success matters. The Talon team should enter from the Western edge.

Weather:                Clear
Time of Day:            Midnight
Base Terrain:           Badland Loose Sands
Raiding Force:          CEF Patrol
Defending Force:        Black Talon and VIP vehicle
Priority Points:        5
Raider Objectives:      Destroy all intruders
Defender Objectives:    Defend VIP vehicle and selves

3rd Talon Team

Total Threat Value: 5300

Talon Leader
1 x Pale Warrior* (level 3)

Wind Group
3 x "Koreshi" Pale Warrior* (level 2)

Fire Group
1 x Pale Warrior* (level 3)
2 x "Beowolf" Pale Warrior* (level 2)

1 x Badger APC (level 2)

*GM or players may also choose to roll on the submitted Vehicle Availability Table for specific configurations and adjust Threat Values accordingly. See previous issue for details of vehicles.

Mock-CEF Patrol

Total Threat Value: 37900

Garrison Patrol 1
1 x HT-68 Hovertank (level 3)
3 x HT-68 Hovertank (level 2)

Garrison Patrol 2
1 x HT-68 Hovertank (level 3)
3 x HT-68 Hovertank (level 2)

Black Talon Victory Conditions

Conditions                                      Victory Points
Each CEF enemy killed or disabled                2
VIP vehicle successfully escaping                10
Each Talon gear killed                          -5
VIP vehicle destroyed                           -10

Mock-CEF Patrol Victory Conditions

Conditions                                      Victory Points
Each Talon gear killed                           5
VIP vehicle destroyed                            5
VIP vehicle escaping                            -10
Each CEF enemy killed or disabled               -2

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APAGear II Archives Volume 3, Number 11 December, 2001