APAGear II Archives Volume 3, Number 11 December, 2001


Caporal Harik Kzyn

Harman Meyerhoff

Portrait When asked to describe Caporal Kzyn, the word "feline" is doubtless one of the first out of their mouth. Born in TN 1904 in Aquitaine, Harik grew up on one of the most prosperous of the dairy farms in the mountains surrounding the city-state, developing both a strong body and quick mind. During the War, Harik was sent to live with his uncle in Okavango, and there discovered the joys of swimming and hunting in the deep swamp and jungle. Unfortunately, Harik had rarely come into contact with anyone but his immediate family, farm workers, and relatives at home, and even fewer people in the swamp. This has led to a noticeable rift between Harik and other humans, but also has bestowed an almost unnerving ability to observe of the workings of the world around him from an objective view. Upon reaching adulthood, Harik decided to enroll in the SRA and use his talents, to the delight of his family.


Almost every aspect of Harik's personality seems beneficially slanted toward keeping him alive under any situation. While his fellow Aquitinians are notorious for their overly positive appraisal of their skill as survivalists, Harik actually knows what he's about, and does not boast when he says he can adapt to and thrive in any conditions on the face of Terra Nova, especially combat. As such, Harik initially joined the SRA in late 1928 as a test of his skills and willpower, rather than any desire for honor or prestige. However, once enrolled, Harik graduated from infantry training at the top of his class and was immediately offered the opportunity to join the elite Parachutists l'Infantrie Maritime. Harik gleefully accepted, and has performed well in a commando unit, but occasionally gripes that actual service is less of a challenge than training has led him to believe. Nonetheless, he is a skilled and confident soldier, a strong paratrooper and swimmer, and an excellent demolitionist.


Harik is something of an erratic quantity in any social situation, as his persona renders him a mildly abrasive enigma to most strangers, but is actually quite consistent if his motives are examined clearly. Harik's childhood had made him prone to (at worst case) nearly phobic reactions when unwillingly forced to socialize with strangers; his personality would shift as his fight-or-flight responses overrode his self control, causing him to lash out with extreme hostility or hide behind unresponsive silence, either way often far overstepping the point of rudeness. As he has matured to adulthood and adapted to his doubly-honored status as an SRA elite soldier, these tendencies have almost disaappeared, but not completely. Those who interact with him regularly will readily discover a fairly friendly person once he has had time to make their measure, but he is still by no means a socialite. Also, he has a rather interesting and commonly mocked quirk about how to tell his opinion of others- food. If Harik offers to share or outright give food to someone, it's a fair indication that he considers that person to be a friend.

Combat Reactions

Hariks' reactions to threats in combat are very diverse, but fairly predictable. When he has the upper hand, stealth and prescision are hallmarks. As part of a PIM escouade, this generally means a silenced burst to the targets' head, monofillament garrote, a diving knife to the vitals, or other method with quiet and lethal results. In the rare case where his implementation of the previous fails, or the section is engaged in a true firefight, he tends toward using his heaviest weapon(s) liberally for supressive fire and throwing whatever grenades he has to screen his attack or retreat. Also, seemingly uncharacteristic for a member of a deadly group of commandos, Harik prefers and even seems to delight in incapacitating or capturing his enemies when it seems viable. While he rationalizes it as "being more of a challenge," in truth he has no specific desire to kill his enemy when they can be disabled, something he continues to practive despite the squeamishness his comrades (very wrongly) claim he suffers from. Regardless, this activity has led to several major intelligence breakthroughs during various commando operations and reinforced his tendency to carry tear gas and restraints with him on combat missions whenever he can.

Character Stats

Name:       Caporal Harik Kzyn
Age:        28 cycles (1932)
Height:     1.68 meters
Weight:     69 kilograms
Hair Color: Red-brown
Eye Color:  Brown
Handedness: Left handed

Agi:    +2
App:    +0
Bld:    +1
Cre:    +2
Fit:    0
Inf:    0*
Kno:    +2
Per:    0
Psy:    +1
Wil:    +2

Strength:   0
Health:     1
Stamina:    30
UD:         4
AD:         4


Combat Sense:               2/+0
Cooking:                    2/+2
Demolitions:                2/+0
Dodge:                      1/+2

First Aid:                  1/+2
F. Lang: Eurospanish        1/+0
F. Lang: Universal French   1/+0
History (Ancient Terran):   1/+2

Literature:                 1/+2
Parachuting                 1/+2
Sm. Arms:                   2/+0
Stealth:                    2/+1

Swimming:                   2/+2
Tinker:                     1/+1

(* due to his feral personality, this could be dropped to -1 if around more than 1d6 of strangers, versus their totaled INF scores from the roll)


Light flaksuit/wetsuit, diving mask with integrated NVG capability, Marrat extended-mag AMSSR-8 Amphibious Marine Squad Support Rifle with four 50-round boxes of every-other-round AP slug/flechette ammo, K-Bar vibro-machete, two tear gas grenades or a can of pepper spray, three frag grenades, demolition kit, standard PIM-issue gill-rebreather, 600 dinars cash, a roll of munition tape, a pocket full of candy or snacks, and whatever other military-issue gear is appropriate to the situation.


Uncle Louis (age 77 cycles, specialties hunting and tracking), his one-time guardian and mentor; Wil & Mara Kzyn (ages 55 and 56, specialties agriculture and business) his parents in Aquitaine; Anya LePierre (age 56 cycles, specialties teaching and infantry tactics) his drill instructor and most recent mentor; Sous-Caporal Caia "Snarky" Phelps, (age 29 cycles, specialties swimming and small arms) his swim-partner and best friend; and Sargeant Diego Marsailles, his CO and team leader of his escouade.

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