APAGear II Archives Volume 3, Number 11 December, 2001


House Organ

Words of Questionable Wisdom from the Distribution Manager

Late again this issue; still my fault. What can I say?

This month was supposed to be a "Return to the Badlands" theme issue. Theme issues, of course, are supposed to stir the membership from its slothful inactivity into a frenzy of creative outpouring.

The guy who suggested the theme didn't even contribute. To avoid embarrassing him, I won't say his name, but his initials are Jason English.

This, of course, is a perfectly natural aspect of any long-running creative effort. You get a little burned out. That's why we take breaks. Traditionally, January is APAGear break-time, and this year is no exception. This issue is not the "Return to the Badlands" issue. I don't know when we'll do that. When we return to you in February of 2002, we'll have a theme, but I don't know what it'll be yet.

In the meantime, folks, enjoy your holidays and may peace somehow manage to find you. See you in two months. Two months minus five days, actually, because I'm rather hoping I won't be late next time.

Your Vaguely Humble Servant,

Christian Schaller
APAGear II Distribution Manager


Harman Meyerhoff nabs the Keener this month, and Janne Kemppi lands the Runner-Up position. Hey! That's just like last month.

The funny thing is that Harman's e-mail submission came to me with the Subject line "Better Late Than Never."

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APAGear II Archives Volume 3, Number 11 December, 2001