APAGear II Archives Volume 4, Number 1 February, 2002


A Night on the Town

Harman Meyerhoff

While most northerners see the south in general as a group of hedonistic pleasure seekers, the average southerner is usually nothing of the sort. However, the festivities surrounding state holidays more than make up for the rest of the cycle.

It's Saturnalia in Marabou. An army town filled with SRA and MILICIA troops all looking for or doing their best to be the life of a party, there's no telling what kind of mischief and havoc could and would occur during the fun...


Riot! - The players are in the wrong place at the wrong time, be they soldiers or civillians simply going out for a few drinks, or MPs and police dreading the inevitable. The objective is simple- get through the night with your wallet, teeth, and friends intact. Avoid uneccessary trips to the hospital or prison.

Them's Fighting Words - Everyone knows it is unwise to insult a Republican, but when a group of swaggering, drunken, MILICIAmen overindulge and begin enjoying themselves to the detriment of everyone else nearby, they pick the wrong bar to crash. One where the celebrants are the players' elite PIM escouade.

Amour Amour - A PC or NPC is to enjoy the night with a companion, but it's up to the players to unite them. Difficulties can range from locating a prearranged date amid the crowds, finding someone willing to be set up with the person, or simply finding an unhired escort amid the festivities.

Dinner and a Show - The players are Republicans. And few things are more important to a Republican than showing off. With guests coming and the busiest night of the cycle inundating restaraunts, it will take a miracle or some creative thinking to get into the more showy locales, but the prestige will make it well worth the trouble. Then again, the shame of failure could be ruinous...

Alarm! - Something drastic has happened, and all leaves have just been cancelled. The players must make it back to duty stations immediately, and given the late hour, that might just be difficult. Some of the players must gather their comrades, finding those who doubtless do not wish to be found, rounding up those that have just wandered off, and incidentally dealing with the paniced civillian populace. And don't forget to roll sobriety checks...

Right this way, sir - The hapless players are tasked with showing a group of VIPs (famous tourists, northern dignitaries, etc...) through the chaos of the boardwalk. Count heads and keep everyone away from the less-savory entertainments to be found...

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APAGear II Archives Volume 4, Number 1 February, 2002