APAGear II Archives Volume 4, Number 1 February, 2002


You Call This Archeology?

Josh Peters

One of the most exciting and growing fields in Terranovan social science research is that of Badlands anthropology. The mysteries surrounding Terranova's early inhabitants are always the subject of much popular speculation. However, while academic research abounds on the early Polar inhabitants, less is known about the humans who explored and settled the Badlands before the Concordat withdrew. This exciting new field of archeological exploration has grown over the last decade, with teams of archeologists, geologists and historians setting out from their cushy campuses into the deserts in search of answers.

However, there is a problem. The Badlands has always been viewed by Polar governments and corporations as a region only useful for strategic exploitation. Many of the early settlements now being excavated in the Badlands usually had something to do with mineral prospecting. This has aroused the interest of polar powers. Generally, any conflict over archeological sites in the Badlands will result in the economic and military authorities overriding the academics, but sometimes things get more complicated.

Starting Point

The PC's are a group of archeologists, historians and field workers who have made an amazing discovery in the Badlands: nearly perfectly preserved remains of an early prospecting camp in the Western Desert which was hit by a freak tempest millennia ago. This is an incredible find, and likely to make all those involved with the dig leaders in their fields.

However, the site sits on an untapped source of oil. After the site was discovered it was realized that any prospecting camp that was lost long ago probably took any information it contained along with it. New prospectors have arrived to explore the area, and have no regard for the historical significance this site has for Terranovans. Of course, the prospectors are working for polar economic interests, not silly academia. They've already told the archeologists that it's time to go dig up other parts of the Badlands.

Possible Campaign Variations

  1. Environmental and 'heritage' activists begin arriving at the archeological dig site to protect Terranovan cultural heritage. As nice as the publicity is for the scientists, all the enthusiasm could very well damage the treasures under the sand.
  2. The prospectors bring corporate backers with bulldozers and work gears. What do the scientists do?
  3. A tribe of Badlands nomads claims the site is their holy burial ground.
  4. A tempest hits during excavations.
  5. Northern and Southern military forces square off at the site, claiming the oil under the sands as their own.
  6. Rovers attack, forcing the prospectors and the archeologists to help each other until help arrives.

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APAGear II Archives Volume 4, Number 1 February, 2002