APAGear II Archives Volume 4, Number 5 July, 2002


Downtown Breakout

Tom McGrenery

The air was hot and dry, brushing Aleana's hair into her face as she climbed down. She rearranged her uniform, which had rumpled in all the wrong places while she'd been sitting in her Hunter. A few steps took her to Garet's side. He was leaning on the leg of his Gear, looking down the road through a pair of binoculars. Aleana glanced up. It was bright tonight. Only a few wisps of cloud stirred slowly across the sky.

"Hey, Gibson," she said, "They still in the warehouse?"

Garet didn't look away from his binoculars.

"Looks that way, maybe ten of them. Is there anything resembling back-up on the way?"

Aleana popped a mint in her mouth. "You'll be lucky. Two troops are at the front. Pretty much everyone else has been stationed outside the barracks."

"There's a very blurry heat signature in there," said Garet, "Could be ten people, I can't be sure. You think it's the Kolsons? They've been quiet for a while. They could be trying to make a comeback score."

"I don't think so," said Aleana, "If it were the Kolsons, we'd already be hearing gunfire. Maybe then we'd get some backup."

She wondered what they were stealing. All the important supplies for the war effort were housed in the barracks or in the airbase down the road. At least it was a nice industrial area. Quite open, well lit. No problematic civilians to get injured. The Toring Building was visible just off to the east.

Garet turned round, "What do they think? That the sector's going to magically be okay just because there's a war on and a curfew in place?"

"Don't ask me," said Aleana, "I'll cruise round the block, check out the other roads."

She climbed up and eased herself into her seat. She flicked the spring-loaded catches that activated the cockpit closure. Adjusting the chinstrap on her helmet, she noticed that one of the stickers on the upper display board was starting to peel off at one corner. Thumbing the ignition button, she smoothed the sticker down. Behind and beneath her, the Hunter's V-engine thrummed into life.

"Be careful," said Garet, over the headset.

"Don't worry," said Aleana, "If I get shot up, maybe the unit will get a new Cheetah Polizei or two. It's a win-win scenario."

Taking the two joysticks in her hands, Aleana pushed in a panel on the right-hand stick with her wrist. The Gear brought up its right arm and began to back up slowly.

"Aleana?" Garet's voice over the intercom was urgent and nervous. "There's movement inside the compound. I think they're coming out."

Downtown Breakout: A Skirmish-Scale Scenario for Heavy Gear

The Kenema Police Department have long been regarded as some of the hardest-working cops on Terra Nova. The Interpolar War stretched all government resources, and the KPD was no exception. With security stepped up around military installations and many officers seconded to Northern Guard operations, patrols were often undertaken by lone officers over extended periods.

The war disrupted many of the traditional cartels' operations but also opened up new avenues of nefarious opportunity. Kenema was already a hotbed of crime, and the Kolson-Forzi war stepped up, albeit covertly. The reason was simple. With so many police resources diverted elsewhere, cartel lieutenants and the young turks of the street gangs saw that they had a chance to make their mark and move up in the ranks of their organisations.

One night, a group of Kolson footsoldiers led by Gio Raikonnen broke into a warehouse in one of Kenema's southern light industrial districts. The warehouse was a (supposedly) secret arms depot for the Forzi cartel. Raikonnen was tipped off to the arms cache's location by a KPD officer, and surmised that ripping off the Forzi's ordnance would win him praise. Taking a couple of vehicles with drivers and five men packing guns, he was delighted to discover several crates of small arms and, best of all, a purloined Kodiak Heavy Gear.

As Raikonnen and his cohorts went through the warehouse and loaded up, KPD Officer Garet Gibson spotted their vehicles outside the warehouse. He called in for backup. What he got was one officer in a Hunter.

Mission Conditions

Weather: Clear
Time of Day: Night
Base Terrain: Urban
Raiding Force: Kolson cartel gangsters
Defending Force: Kenema Police Department officers
Priority Points: N/A
Raider Objectives: Escape from KPD
Defender Objectives: Capture criminals

Specific Scenario Conditions

The Kolson gangsters begin in a warehouse with at most two approach roads. All can start in their vehicles if desired.

Officer Garet Gibson begins dismounted, next to his Gear. Officer Aleana Buchanan begins already in her Gear. Both should be some distance from the warehouse, but close to each other.

The rest of the map contains warehouses and office space, with a fairly large proportion of space devoted to car parks. There should be plenty of walls behind which to take cover.

Raiders' Victory Conditions

Conditions Victory Points
Each Kolson vehicle that leaves the map 2
Each KPD officer killed or disabled 1
Each Kolson soldier killed or disabled -1

Defenders' Victory Conditions

Conditions Victory Points
Destroy or disable all Kolson wheeled vehicles 5
Destroy or disable the Kodiak 2

Kolson Forces

Total Threat Value: 1,557

KPD Forces

Total Threat Value: 1,269

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APAGear II Archives Volume 4, Number 5 July, 2002