APAGear II Archives Volume 4, Number 7 September, 2002


Issue 41


Welcome to the 41st issue of APAGear!

If you have any comments, you can post them to me, Christian Schaller. I'll pass them along to the membership. (Incidently, I won't filter for content, merely for relevence. I leave the membership's e-mail addresses out of these pages to protect them from spam.)



1. The House Organ
Words of questionable wisdom from the Distribution Manager
2. Phoenix - by Jason English
An occasion before the first anniversary of Peace River.
3. Black Talon OPREP Yotaka - by Jason English
An operations report from a Black Talon team on Caprice.
4. Two Sides of the Same Coin - by Janne Kemppi
GM advice for running two-sided RPG scenarios.
5. Desperate Maneuvers, Part 1 - by Dennis D. Kirkpatrick
Part one of a small tactical campaign set on Utopia and a Utopian APES design.
6. The Tablets of Thera, Part 4 - by Tom McGrenery
An on-going Gear Krieg serial in which our hero finds trouble in sun-baked Greece.
7. Return of the Pink Panther - by Josh Peters
A long range recon and strike Black Talon.

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APAGear II Archives Volume 4, Number 7 September, 2002