APAGear II Archives Volume 4, Number 7 September, 2002


Black Talon OPREP Yotaka

Jason English

Author's Note: This document is based upon the standard format for a U.S. Army Operation Report (OPREP), as described in FM 101-5-2: U.S. Army Report and Message Formats. Those interested in this document should consult the online PDF version of FM 101-5-2 at the Defense Technical Information Center's Joint Electronic Library. Other Field Manuals are accessible at the Army Field Manuals Page at Globalsecurity.org.



1: Timestamp. Received 6 SUM TN 1943 31:57:19

2: Unit Making Report. 30 Black Talon

3: Command Posts (CP/LZ Locations for Tac CP, Main CP, and Rear CP).

4: Current Position. Caprice, Gomorrah, Gamma 75, Block FL, Section 910

5: Operational Area. Caprice, Gomorrah, Genji Trench (refer Appendix 3: Planetographic Survey of Caprice, TN 1940)

6: Operation Summary. 30 Black Talon inserted into Loki system 17 AUT TN 1942 to assess aerospace capabilities of Caprice corporate forces and CEF garrison. Orbital shuttle damaged by hostile fire during insertion. Shuttle crew, all but four team personnel killed in shuttle crash; 30 Talon Leader incapacitated due to amputated right leg.

Team evacuated by Liberati partisans to safe area. During period of recuperation, team members were adopted by Liberati clan. With new cover as Liberati workers, team has proceeded to Gomorrah with Liberati liaison. New forward base established, and task of acquiring information relevant to original assignment is underway.

7: Enemy Activity In Reporting Unit's Area Of Interest And Operation. Low; security patrols and CEF transit activity only.

8: Unit Statistics.

9: Evaluation. Mission as originally scheduled cannot be accomplished. Goals of original mission, however, can be achieved by research and on-planet investigation over an indefinite period. 30 Black Talon is therefore continuing assignment on own initiative, and is available as limited support asset for other missions. Extraction not requested at this time.

10: Narrative. Captain Hill is recovering well, and has reassumed her duties as team commander. Her injuries keep her at our safe house for now, however, and she is starting to complain of cabin fever. Sergent Marinez, Lieutenant Mantz and I have begun working at a Caprician aerospace company. Their jobs as cargo handlers will allow them to observe material shipments and pick up rumors, and I'm picking up hands-on knowledge as a ferry pilot. This will give us a start in learning as much as we can about the aerospace industry and capabilities here on Caprice. We've already heard rumblings about a project within our company to counter the Peregrine gunship aerodyne; we will relay more information as we get it. We continue to receive aid and information from Liberati and other friendly and public sources. We are available at this time to provide limited support to other teams, as a source of information and transport. Will send reports when possible.

11: Authentication Authentication code Apollo 119 White Omicron (code verified as authentic)

12: Sender. SANLANDER, J L, Blue Team Leader, 30 Black Talon

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APAGear II Archives Volume 4, Number 7 September, 2002