APAGear II Archives Volume 4, Number 8 October, 2002


Archer Heavy APES

(Industrial States of Kogland, TN1944+)

Mika Peltola

Gridref 165-901.13, 42km west of Boondocks WRL, 1632 hours universal time.

[Velez] Anything there Telarc?

[Telarc] Just some wastrel corpses... wait, something on IR...SHIT a light auto at eight a clock, it spotted me! Requesting fire support[static followed by silence]

[Velez] Telarc...come on in please,Telarc...[Sigh]

[Armin] Get off that hill Velez! NOW!

[Velez] Huh ? [as the particle beam from auto near misses Velez:es APES]

[Armin] This Wrecker One requesting immediate support from any unit near gridref 165-901.13. We are under fire from rogue light combat auto, repeat we are under fire !

[Bastet-709] This is Bastet seven-oh-niner, we are on position oh-point-six-three kilometer north of you on the ridge and we have visual to an aggressor, over.

[Armin] Velez, use your designator. I Do not have a line-of-sight.

[Velez] Can't do it, that near miss fried my designator.

[Bastet-709] Bastet seven-oh-niner designating, over.

[Armin] Let blast the bastard. [followed by sound two AGM launches]

[Velez] Two confirmed hits, sir. I Think we killed it.

[Bastet-709] Bastet seven-oh-nine to base request immediate evac, we have...! Armigers the target is still active! I repeat target still active. [Voice drowned by sound of rocket barrage]

[Velez] Armin? [Silence] Shit. This is for Telarc and Armin. [Sound of twin AGM launch, folowed by an explosion and flying pieces of former auto]

Fifteen minutes later.

[Bastet-709] Are you allright armiger, sir?

[Velez] I guess, I'll live to see another dawn.

[Bastet-709] ??, Your friend behind the hill was lucky, the barrage just wrecked his suit. Our medics are treating him as we speak. He will live... to see another dawn. Pardon me sir, are these suits new models. I've never seen one like this before?

[Velez] It's Archer, you can ask the specs from techs back at Boondocks. They'll know, they designed it. Where's our ride anyway.

[Bastet-709] ETA three minutes and forty seconds, sir.

Overview and History

Although the Archer Heavy APES is based on the successful Men-At-Arms Heavy APES. Its design diverges reasonably from Man-At-Arms APES. Thanks to unorthodox (and unsanctioned) collaboration between engineers of Kogland Defense Foundry and few bored engineers Kadellite Weapon Systems stationed at Boondocks Wasteland research facility. The KWS engineers were shocked when they discovered that Utopians used very few guided weapons, instead trusting autos to do their job on battlefield. Usually only flying vehicles and autos were equipped with guided missiles. Willing to take the challenge (out of boredom of working with battleframes and hovertanks) and to secure friendship with people they were stationed with.

After a impressive performance during testing and evaluation period Archer was approved for mass-production. The arrangement was profitable on the Kadellite Weapon Systems as they would be ones to produce the missiles and launchers for the new Archer APES. And the pending CID investigation of "Unauthorized technology transfer" was quietly called off.

The first and most visible difference between Men-At-Arms and Archer is the lack of any sort of an directfire weapon and the the well known Organ Grinder rocket pod. Which have been replaced with rack three 112mm guided anti-armor missiles and big target designator. Other improvement were made in stealth systems and jump jets (using slightly altered Caprician technology). This comes at price of course, the whole system is very vulnerable to electromagnetic pulse and elctrical discharges. And the lack of direct fire weapons does little to enhance Archers survivability. On the bright side Archer can take out APESes even without painting the target with target designator, or seriously damage autos if one is designated.

There exist on variant of Archer. Archer 2-B or Silencer as it is called by the armigers. Silencer is a dedicated anti-electronic warfare unit designed take out enemy ECM units. Also it is even more vulnerable to attack than the Archer, thus the silencer is always deployed with atleast two bodyguard units, usually other APESes.

Vehicle Specifications

Vehicle Specifications

                   Name: Archer Heavy APES
           Vehicle Type: Augmented Powered Environment Suit
        Production Type: Mass Produced
                   Cost: 306,250.00 Local Currency
           Manufacturer: Kogland Defense Foundry
                    Use: Anti-Auto/Armor APES
                 Height: 3.92m
                  Width: 3.3m
   Avg. Armor Thickness: 15mm
         Armor Material: Zero-G Ceralloy Laminate
    Standard Op. Weight: 1880 kg
      Primary Move Mode: Walker (24 kph)
       Deployment Range: 150 km
           Sensor Range: 2 km
    Communication Range: 10 km
             Powerplant: Fuel Cells / Batteries
          Engine Output: 244hp

General Stats

           Threat Value: 350
        Offensive Value: 279
        Defensive Value: 82
    Miscellaneous Value: 688
                   Size: 4
  Original Default Size: 7
       Indv. Lemon Dice: 3
                   Crew: 1
          Bonus Actions: 0


      Primary Move Mode: Walker
           Combat Speed: 2
              Top Speed: 4
               Maneuver: 0


                Sensors: -1
         Communications: -1
           Fire Control: -1


           Light Damage: 9
           Heavy Damage: 18
               Overkill: 27


Qty Name                      Code     Arc ACC Damage Range           ROF Ammo Special
1   Anti-Ground Vehicle Missi AGM      FF  +1  x15    3  /6  /12 /24      3    Guid, IF
1   Anti-Personnel Grenade La APGL     F   -1  x3     1  /2  /4  /8       10   AE0, AI, IF
1   Chassis Reinforcement     CR       F   0   x0     0  /0  /0  /0       0    
1   Vibroblade                VB       F   0   x8     0  /0  /0  /0       0    


Name                  Rating Game Effects                                          AUX
Airdroppable                 Can be airdropped                                        
HEP: Desert                  -                                                        
HEP: Radiation.c      2      100 Rads per Hour                                        
Improved Off-Road            - 1 MP cost, minimum 1 MP                                
Jump Jets             2      Rating times 50m of jump capability                   AUX
Limited Life Support         Life support for 1 week                               AUX
Manipulator Arm x2    4      Can punch                                                
Stealth               2      Add rating to Concealment                             AUX
Target Designator     3      Designates targets for guided weapons                 AUX


Name                  Rating Game Effects
Exposed Fire Control         "Fire Control" hits are one step worse                   
Vulnerable to Haywire        Haywire gets 3 rolls on damage tables.                   


Archer II-B "Silencer"
Remove:         Target Designator
Add:            Sensor Homing Ammo for AGM Rack
Change:         TV:384 (O:937 D:82 M:133)
                Production Type: Limited Production
                Price: 1 344 000 Local Currency

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APAGear II Archives Volume 4, Number 8 October, 2002