APAGear II Archives Volume 5, Number 2 April, 2003


The House Organ

Words of Questionable Wisdom from the Distribution Manager

Slowly, ever so slowly, we're still cranking out issues. Actually, it's really my fault, not the rest of the gang's. Fear not; we're not about to go under or anything. I'm just particularly lethargic at the moment. And by moment, I mean "past six months," I guess. Anyway, changes are in the works.

I think about the biggest change you're going see here in the next few months is the complete absense of this nigh-pointless column. If I were maybe reviewing things I like right here, like telling you that thanks to SongFight and Somesongs, I pretty much don't bother to listen to commercial music anymore -- the offerings at those sites (including, but not even remotely limited to The John Benjamin Band, Octothorpe, Klownhole, 15-16 Puzzle, Raised By Wolves, State Shirt, Hostess Mostess, Frankie Big Face, and MC Frontalot... sweet prophet, it just doesn't end) easily matching the quality of music the big record companies put out -- then, perhaps, there would be a reason to do this column. Or if I said that even the least appealing (to me) of CrossGen Comics' offerings is more interesting, better drawn, and of higher storytelling caliber than the drivel other comic publishers push, then, perhaps, this column would be worth reading.

Maybe I'll turn this spot into a random review column.

Maybe you should just click to the actual content of this issue.

Your Vaguely Humble Servant,

Christian Schaller
APAGear II Distribution Manager


Scott Blow takes the Keener this month, and Jason English comes in second. I am not going to update the listing of Keeners, however, because it should be automated. I hate doing it manually.

New Members!

Several people heard my message last ... er, issue ... and did the right thing. We have two new members this month: the aforementioned Gail Camaya and also P. J. Coome. Welcome to the club!

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APAGear II Archives Volume 5, Number 2 April, 2003