APAGear - Volume 5, Number 5 - August 2003

The House Organ

Words of Questionable Wisdom from the Distribution Manager

What do you know? We're on time this month! A hearty round of applause to everyone.

This month, we're testing out a template for submitting tactical scenarios. It's a plain old text template, not some unnecessarily complex web form to fill in. It should help authors to organize their tactical scenarios neatly and cleanly in a consistent fashion. To say that I didn't design it based on DP9's one-page tactical scenario layout would be to lie greatly. Hell, the template even includes DP9 markup code in it. Next month we'll maybe see a creature template and a vehicle template.

The important thing about these templates is that they wildly simplify my life, since I've got this nice little Perl-based translator I wrote that converts DP9 markup to HTML. I barely have to lift a finger to convert a document into HTML now.

Your Vaguely Humble Servant,


Christian Schaller

APAGear II Distribution Manager


Josh Peters is the Keener this month, and Janne Kemppi is the runner up.

New Member!

A big, hearty welcome to Dennis Johnson, the newest member of APAGear.