APAGear - Volume 5, Number 6 - October 2003

Character Assassination

Janne Kemppi

One of the recurring themes of Heavy Gear campaign set to Terra Nova is concept of honour.

Honour itself is hard to define in a definite way but perhaps it is integrity of staying on what is generally considered morally and ethically right in one's particular society. There is no definite amount of honour to calculate but it is an inner sense of one's worth to both one as well as to others. People who are considered honourable are generally looked up and naturally it is very important to everyone on what one thinks of particular achievements in life.

However, there is also another side of honour. If one is considered unhonourable, life can get particularly tough in a place where such things are valued. Friends can disappear; doors to promotions and close and social ladders come stuck. Social pressure can get so hard that giving up, voluntary exile or perhaps even a suicide might be the only way from the living hell one's comfortable life has turned into.

Honour is particularly important in Southern Republic. Country prides itself as a shining beacon honour, integrity and martial spirit. Its officers have reputation of not just striving to reach it but also defending it to all slights real or imagined. Scandals are widely reported, and social skills become as important as military skills. In an army like this whisper of any personal weaknesses become amplified, any good results richly rewarded and those without particular gifts or skills quickly forgotten.

In such an environment, plotting becomes a second nature to particularly ambitious and devious people. And when there is need for such unsavoury activities, there will be people ready to such things, like a group of professionals.

Vengeance Unlimited

A group of shady characters are hired to make sure that one up and coming Duellist serving in an old regiment in army of Southern Republic is dropped, much to delight of client who also happens to serve in the same traditional and upstanding Regiment. Dirt should be searched, and if not found, then made. Finally client can start a rumour campaign to bring down the Duellist with the backing of evidence group collects to him.

  1. Client ends up murdered! Someone clearly didn't like what he was up to. Coincidence or could it be something however innocent looking that characters uncovered?
  2. Characters find themselves under intensive police scrutiny. Someone leaked. Could it be their client double-crossing them to become a hero by "saving reputation of harassed Duellist"?
  3. Regiment is gearing up to a play host to another Regiment coming for exercises. Temperatures run high, nothing should go wrong. Victory is expected, perfect opportunity to make target to trip over himself...
  4. Target appears to be clean. Nothing embarrassing can be found on him. So group has to ponder real hard on how to make him look bad?
  5. Target is actually as dirty as said and even more. He runs a small crime circle with a selected group of troopers. Such a person could not just be embarrassed but perhaps even blackmailed...
  6. Actually the group is a target of an elaborate plot to completely and utterly humiliate them. Tables have been turned...