APAGear - Volume 6, Number 1 - January 2004


Janne Kemppi

It is enjoyable for GM to invent somewhat more lighthearted adventure for players to solve once and for while. Opponents can then be changed from usual rogues gallery of hoodlums, enemies, forces of nature to more mundane bosses, co-workers and forces of paper. The following adventure is such a game where player's skills have actually no effect what so ever to end results or die rolls and only the level of frustration players can stand (and GMs sense of pure evil) should be used to determine length of adventure.

Characters have been ordered to get signing and approval for an important shipment of material. Needless to say, the material will not be given unless the paper work is finished. Thus characters should go to get signature from a huge office block filled with tiny cubicles, maze-like passages and seemingly similar looking office workers.

Needless to say, a daylong gauntlet of unspeakable horror is starting...


Result What is happening
2 ARGH! You just got hit by a spilt cup of coffee...
3 "Eh? Perhaps you should explain once more why you are..."
4 You got lost, perhaps you should turn right here...
5 Door to this passage is locked...
6 "I don't know, go to room X to ask for more help..."
7 No one answers the phone nor is in room...
8 "We are all out of these Forms, go to see if there is any more in..."
9 "I am only working here!"
10 You got lost, perhaps you should turn left here...
11 Elevator got closed just before you.
12 You got the key person in right time to solve your problem.

(Roll one die and see table two for end result.)


Result Problem
1* "I was not told about this. You have to get and fill Form A."
2* "Hold on. This must be cleared first in Room H."
3* "Where is the waiver C? You need to get it first."
4* "This Form A is not filled correctly. You have to get a new Form A."
5* "Looks good... AHA! Where's the approval from Section S?"
6 Approved, signed and stamped. You can go to claim your equipment from a warehouse that closes in 15 minutes. Where's the door?

*Return back to roll in the first table...