APAGear - Volume 6, Number 1 - January 2004

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(But not a gorram blog!)

Welcome to the fiftieth issue of APAGear, ladies and gentlemen. Obviously this is something of a landmark issue, what with it being the proverbial golden APAGear and all. We had hoped to have a special issue of some sort for this one, but given how all of Volume 5 went, what with the stream of delays and such, it seemed like two things were clear: first, the 50th issue would mark the start of Volume 6, putting Volume 5 way behind us. Second, we should do our 50th-issue special sometime later, like maybe with issue 55 or something.

This issue is also a nice landmark for another reason: I believe, and the records can correct me if they must, I believe this issue is the most diverse issue to-date. Notice that we have a Jovian Chronicles piece, a Gear Krieg piece, a CORE Command (!) piece, and a general purpose gaming piece in addition to two Heavy Gear pieces. Isn't that great?

I ask you, though: where are the Tribe 8 writers? Are you out there? Do you want to join us in this crazy ride? To be honest, I'm not all that fond of giant robot stories myself, and I've been writing and editing them for a number of years now, even being paid to do it. You're certainly not going to be alone here...

Update: It turns out the story I blindly assumed was a Gear Krieg story is, in fact, a Heavy Gear story. I'm going to claim we're still pretty diverse. You're going to claim I didn't actually read the story in question. At least one of those claims is accurate.

Anyway, we have a new member joining us this month, although he hasn't contributed to this issue. Welcome to Alexander DeSouza. He was quite insistent on joining, even going so far as to rewrite history in order to do so. That's dedication. Or madness.

Now sit back, or lean back, or whatever it is you do with web sites you actually want to read instead of look at, and enjoy this, the fiftieth issue of APAGear.

Until We Meet Again,


Christian Schaller

APAGear II Distribution Manager