M60 Armored Vehicle Launched Bridge

Country of Origin: United States
Images courtesy of the U.S. Department of Defense; click on image to display larger version

Type: Tracked bridgelayer Manufacturer: Chrysler / Detroit Tank Plant
Armor Material: Cast steel Armor Thickness: Maximum of 250mm
Height: 3.04 m (3.9 m with bridge) Length: 8.65 m (11.28 m with bridge)
Weight: 41,730 kg Maximum Speed: 48 kph on-road
Powerplant: Continental AVDS-1790-2D Horsepower: 750 hp

Size: 12 Total Actions: 2

Weapon Code Arc S M L EX Acc FC Dam Qty ROF Special Ammo
None fitted

Primary Movement: Ground 3/5 (30 kph) Secondary Movement: N/A
Maneuver: -2 Armor: 13/ 26 / 39

Crew: 2 (Driver, Commander) Deployment Range: 500 km
Sensors: 0 / 2 km Communications: 0 / 20 km
Perks: Reinforced Armor (Front Arc, Rating 3), Tool Arm (Rating 8, bridge deployment arm, cannot punch), Vehicle-Launched Bridge (useful span: 18 m, capacity: Size 13 vehicles; see Banzaidyne New Perks and Flaws for rules) Flaws: None
Defects: None Lemon Dice: 3

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