E-4B "Nightwatch"

Country of Origin: United States
Image courtesy of the United States Air Force; click on image to display larger version

Type: Airborne command & control post Manufacturer: Boeing
Armor Material: Aluminum, stainless steel, titanium Armor Thickness: n/a
Length: 70.5 m Wingspan: 59.7 m
Maximum Speed: 969 kph Weight: 360,000 kg (max takeoff weight)
Powerplant: 4 x General Electric CF6-50E2 turbofans Thrust: 19,505 kg static thrust each

Size: 24 Total Actions: 7

Weapon Code Arc S M L EX Acc FC Dam Qty ROF Special Ammo
No armament or hardpoints fitted to production models

Primary Movement: Flight 8/30/32 (960 kph) Secondary Movement: Ground 20/40 (240 kph)
Maneuver: -4 Armor: 25 / 50 / 75

Crew: 4 (Pilot, Copilot, Flight Engineer, Navigator) plus 84 battle staff and support members Deployment Range: 11,500 km
Sensors: +2 / 5 km ground, 50 km air Communications: +2 / 40 km ground, 400 km air
Perks: Autopilot (AUX), Backup Communications, Chaff/Flare Dispensers (Rating 3, 320 shots), Crew Accommodations (for 15, military quality), ECM (Rating 3, AUX), ECCM (Rating 3, AUX), Haywire Resistant (hardened against EMP), Laboratories (galley, +0 to all Cooking rolls; operations area, +1 to all Computer rolls; communcations suite, +1 to all Communcations rolls; briefing and conference rooms, +1 to all Leadership rolls), Passenger Accommodations (for 1, luxury quality, executive suite for National Command Authority representative), Passenger Seats (24), Refueling Equipment (Intake), Satellite Uplink Flaws: Requires Airstrip, Max Climbing Angle (Rating 3)
Defects: None Lemon Dice: 3

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