KC-135R Stratotanker

Country of Origin: United States
Image courtesy of the United States Air Force; click on image to display larger version

Type: Airborne tanker/transport Manufacturer: Boeing
Armor Material: Aluminum alloy, stainless steel Armor Thickness: n/a
Length: 41.53 m Wingspan: 39.88 m
Maximum Speed: 941 kph Weight: 146,285 kg (max takeoff weight)
Powerplant: 4 x CFM International CFM-56 turbofans Thrust: 9811 kg static thrust each

Threat Value: 1266 OTV: 0 DTV: 716.79 MTV: 3081
Size: 18 Default Size: 11 Crew: 3 Total Actions: 2
Cost: $1,547,250 Production Type: Limited Production Lemon Dice: 2

Primary Movement Mode: Flight Top/Combat/Stall Speeds: 33/28/7 (990/840/210 kph)
Secondary Movement Mode: Ground Combat/Top Speed: 18/35 (108/210 kph)
Maneuver: -3 Deployment Range: 2500 km

Electronics Rating & Range Armor
Sensors 0 / 5 km ground, 50 km air Light Damage 18
Communications 0 / 30 km ground, 300 km air Heavy Damage 36
Fire Control -5 Overkill 54

Pilot, Copilot, Boom Operator

Name Rating Aux?
Autopilot Y
Backup Communications
Cargo Bay (cargo bay, 75 m3, max load: 37.648 kg)
Cargo Bay (fuel tanks, 90.72 m3)
Large Doors (large access door to flight deck / cargo bay)
Passenger Seats (57)
Refueling Equipment (both boom and intake)
Stratospheric Flight (ceiling: 15 km)

Name Rating Aux?
Max Climbing Angle 2
Requires Airstrip

Name Rating Aux?

Name Code Arc S M L EX Acc Dam Qty ROF Special Ammo
No armament or hardpoints fitted to production models

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