M104 Wolverine Bridgelayer

Country of Origin: United States
Image courtesy of the United States Army; click on image to display larger version

Type: Tracked bridgelayer Manufacturer: General Dynamics Land Systems Division
Armor Material: "Chobham" armor with depleted uranium inserts Armor Thickness: Equivalent to 600mm of armor-grade steel (more on some faces)
Height: 3.4 m Length: 9.83 m
Weight: 68,700 kg Maximum Speed: 72 kph on-road
Powerplant: Avco-Lycoming AGT-1500 multifuel turbine Horsepower: 1500 shp

Size: 14 Total Actions: 2

Weapon Code Arc S M L EX Acc FC Dam Qty ROF Special Ammo
None fitted

Primary Movement: Ground 4/8 (48 kph) Secondary Movement: N/A
Maneuver: -2 Armor: 25 / 50 / 75

Crew: 2 (Driver, Commander) Deployment Range: 400 km
Sensors: 0 / 2 km Communications: +1 / 20 km
Perks: HEAT Resistant Armor (Rating 3), Reinforced Armor (Front Arc, Rating 8), Smoke Launchers (12 shots, AUX), Tool Arm (Rating 8, cannot attack), Vehicle-Launched Bridge (useful span: 24 m, capacity: Size 14 vehicles; see Banzaidyne New Perks and Flaws for rules) Flaws: Traceable Emissions (Rating 1)
Defects: None Lemon Dice: 2

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