M1131 Stryker Fire Support Vehicle

Country of Origin: United States / Canada
Images courtesy of the United States Army; click on image to display larger version

Type: Wheeled fire support team vehicle Manufacturer: General Dynamics Land Systems
Armor Material: High hard steel plate Armor Thickness: Stated as 14.5mm by manufacturer
Height: 3.26 m Length: 7.31 m
Weight: 17,233 kg (loaded weight of ICV variant) Maximum Speed: 100 kph on-road
Powerplant: Caterpillar 3126 diesel Horsepower: 350 hp

Size: 9 Total Actions: 3

Weapon Code Arc S M L EX Acc FC Dam Qty ROF Special Ammo
M2HB .50 caliber machinegun HMG T 1 2 4 8 0 0 x4 1 +3 Anti-Inf 1000

Primary Movement: Ground 6/11 (64 kph) Secondary Movement: N/A
Maneuver: -1 Armor: 9 / 18 / 27

Crew: 4 (Driver, Commander, 2 Fire Support Team Members) Deployment Range: 530 km
Sensors: +1 / 3 km Communications: +1 / 30 km
Perks: Backup Communications, Grapple Launcher (Rating 9, self-recovery winch, AUX), Improved Off Road Ability, Smoke Launchers (16 shots, AUX), Target Designator (Rating 5, AUX) Flaws: None
Defects: None Lemon Dice: 3

Notes and Variants
M1251 FSVV: Add Reinforced Armor (Rating 2, Underbelly; mine resistant "double-V" hull)

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