Colonel Danielle "Nemo" Gibson

Commanding Officer, 23rd Armored Cavalry Regiment


When the War of the Alliance began, Danielle was an English teacher at a secondary school in Red Sands. Danielle remains a teacher at heart, though, and holds occasional seminars on classical literature when her duties permit. Her call sign is a reference to her favorite novel, 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea.

Military Record


Combat Reactions

Age: Height: Weight: Hair Color: Eye Color:

AGI +1 APP 0 BLD -1 CRE +1 FIT o
INF +1 KNO +1 PER +1 PSY +1 WIL 0
STR 0 HEA 0 STA 20 UD 3 AD 3

Skills (Heavy Gear 2nd Edition)
Bureaucracy 1/+1 Combat Sense 2/+1 Computer 1/+1 Dodge 2/+1
Drive 1/+1 Electronic Warfare 2/+1 Gunnery (Heavy Gear) 2/+1 Hand-to-Hand 1/+1
Heavy Gear Pilot (Hunter)* 2/+1 Leadership 3/+1 Literature 2/+1 Melee 1/+1
Notice 2/+1 Tactics 2/+1 Teaching 2/+1 Small Arms 2/+1
* Specialization

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