Shuttle Carrier Aircraft

Country of Origin: United States
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Type: Space Shuttle airlift transport Manufacturer: Boeing
Armor Material: Aluminum, stainless steel, titanium Armor Thickness: n/a
Length: 70.5 m Wingspan: 59.7 m
Maximum Speed: 735 kph Weight: 322,000 kg (max takeoff weight)
Powerplant: 4 x Pratt and Whitney JT9D-7J turbofans Thrust: 22,676 kg static thrust each

Threat Value: 13,947 OTV: 0 DTV: 999.21 MTV: 40,842.38
Size: 23 Default Size: 24 Crew: 4 Total Actions: 3
Cost: $29,107,193 Production Type: Limited Production Lemon Dice: 2

Primary Movement Mode: Flight Top/Combat/Stall Speeds: 25/22/9 (750/660/270 kph)
Secondary Movement Mode: Ground Combat/Top Speed: 25/50 (150/300 kph)
Maneuver: -4 Deployment Range: 10,100 km

Electronics Rating & Range Armor
Sensors 0 / 3 km ground, 30 km air Light Damage 21
Communications -1 / 20 km ground, 200 km air Heavy Damage 42
Fire Control -5 Overkill 63

Pilot, Copilot, 2 Flight Engineers

Name Rating Aux?
Autopilot Y
Backup Communications
Cargo Bay (155.6 cubic meters, passenger seats removed from most of aircraft interior)
Passenger Seats (16, nose seating retained after conversion)

Name Rating Aux?
Max Ceiling: 8 km
Max Climbing Angle 3
Poor Towing Capacity
Requires Airstrip

Name Rating Aux?

Name Code Arc S M L EX Acc Dam Qty ROF Special Ammo
No armament or hardpoints fitted to production models

With the delivery of Endeavour to Los Angeles in September 2012 and the conclusion of Shuttle ferry flights, both aircraft were retired from service.
SCA aircraft N911NA was set aside to provide spare parts for NASA's SOFIA program. The other aircraft, N905NA, was transferred to Space Center Houston to become part of the static exhibit at Independence Plaza.

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