M973 Small Unit Support Vehicle (Bv 206)

Country of Origin: Sweden
Image courtesy of the Canadian Department of National Defence; click on image to display larger version

Type: Arctic utility vehicle Manufacturer: Hagglunds Vehicle AB
Armor Material: Glass fiber reinforced plastic Armor Thickness: n/a
Height: 2.45 m Length: 6.9 m
Weight: 4330 kg Maximum Speed: 50 kph on-road
Powerplant: Mercedes-Benz OM 603.950 diesel Horsepower: 136 hp

Size: 5 Total Actions: 1

Weapon Code Arc S M L EX Acc Dam Qty ROF Special Ammo
None fitted

Primary Movement: Ground 3/5 (30 kph) Secondary Movement: N/A
Maneuver: -1 Armor: 5 / 10 / 15

Crew: 1 (Driver) Deployment Range: 300 km
Sensors: N/A Communications: 0 / 10 km
Perks: Amphibious, Cargo Bay (2.25 cubic meters / 2250 kg), Hostile Environment Protection (Extreme Cold), Improved Off-Road Ability, Passenger Seats (16) Flaws: No Sensors
Defects: None Lemon Dice: 3

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