T-45 Walfish (HG Second Edition Stats)

(Update of material from Southern Field Guide 2, pp. 38-39)
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Type: Gear/vehicle transport Manufacturer: Avco Aerodyne
Armor Material: Bonded composite Armor Thickness: Average of 65mm
Length: 17.2 m Wingspan: 17.6 m
Weight: 49,000 kg Maximum Speed: 360 kph
Powerplant: 8 x jet engines Thrust: 8 x 2090 kg

Threat Value: 1690 OTV: 0 DTV: 194.56 MTV: 4873.96
Size: 12 Default Size: 12 Crew: 2 Total Actions: 2
Cost: $844,753 Production Type: Mass Production Lemon Dice: 4

Primary Movement Mode: Flight Top/Combat/Stall Speeds: 18/9/1 (360/180/30 kph)
Secondary Movement Mode: Ground Combat/Top Speed: 6/12 (72 kph)
Maneuver: -3 Deployment Range: 2800 km

Electronics Rating & Range Armor
Sensors 0 / 4 km ground, 40 km air Light Damage 18
Communications 0 / 20 km ground, 200 km air Heavy Damage 36
Fire Control -2 Overkill 54

Pilot, Copilot

Name Rating Aux?
Autopilot Y
Cargo Bay (60 cubic meters)
Chaff/Flare Dispensers (10 shots) 1 Y
Double Towing Capacity Y
Ejection System Y
Hostile Environment Protection: Desert 2 Y
Improved Off-Road Ability Y
Passenger Seating (6)
Reinforced Chassis Y
Rugged Movement System Y
Seachlight (fixed, 100 m range) Y
Vehicle Bay (can carry up to 40 tons in vehicles)

Name Rating Aux?
Decreased Maneuverability (SMS) 1
Large Sensor Profile 2
Maximum Ceiling: 10 km
Maximum Climbing Angle 2

Name Rating Aux?

Name Code Arc S M L EX Acc Dam Qty ROF Special Ammo
None fitted

Updates & Revisions
• Applied Flight Defensive Formula from Technical Manual Second Edition
• Adjusted base ranges of Sensors and Communications systems
• Adjusted engines' ratings in Specifications from "horsepower" to "thrust" to reflect nature of jet-powered propulsion system

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