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"Heavy Gear: Jacob Sanlander"


Jacob was born in Kenema on 36 TN 1900, and was raised in the shadow of the city's airport. His childhood interest in airplanes was only deepened by his father's work at an airline based in Kenema, and Jacob grew up with holograms and models of aircraft adorning his room. As he grew older, his interest moved to other subjects, particularly the military, but his love of flight never left him.

After graduating from high school, Jacob was convinced that he would enter the Northern Guard, and was involved with the Guard's Reserve Officer Development Program during his first cycles at Kenema University. The political climate across the planet after the War of the Alliance had resulted in a massive demobilization of the Guard, however, and Jacob soon realized that a military career was not in his future. With no other direction in his life, Jacob slipped into a cycle-long bout of depression, during which his grades slipped into oblivion. By the time he was confronted with his mistakes and was forced to make some decisions about his life, he had been thrown out of Kenema University.

While this was happening, the airline Jacob's father worked for was bought by the polar consortium UMFAir, and in the ensuing consolidation most employees in the Kenema area were laid off. His father had enough seniority to get a job in another city-state, however, and his family ultimately decided to move to Baton Rouge. Feeling that there was nothing left for him in Kenema, Jacob decided that Baton Rouge was as good a place as any to start over. Jacob went with his family to Baton Rouge in TN 1926, where he lives to this day.


Jacob has spent most of his life in and around colleges, and has cheerfully resigned himself to a fate as a professional student. He learned a great deal from his mistakes in Kenema, and his studies have remained a high priority ever since. He received his bachelor's degree in architectural studies in TN 1934, and his master's degree in information sciences in TN 1939. Jacob got a job with the Baton Rouge Emergency Management Agency just after the destruction of Peace River, and since then he had been in charge of developing applications for first responders in the Baton Rouge area. His job also provides enough extra income for Jacob to pursue his childhood dream of getting his pilot's license.


Jacob is generally a friendly and good-natured individual, and greatly values his friendships with others. Jacob's work at the BREMA has also given him a sense of purpose that he had lacked for a long while. While he was unsuited for military life, he has found another means to serve his community while still putting his intelligence and skills to the best possible use. Should the day come when he must leave the BREMA, Jacob already knows he would pursue a similar career, perhaps as a teacher.

Combat Reaction

Jacob has also become a member of a local shooting club in recent cycles and has become a good shot. He has no interest in seeking confrontation, though; he will as a rule try to avoid or defuse conflicts before they turn violent. If a family member is in danger, however, all bets are off. Jacob was entrusted with looking after his family as a child, and still feels that responsibility today, particularly towards his sister. If need be, Jacob is prepared to use deadly force to protect his family.


Lyse Sanlander (age 49, specialties: accounting and computers), fiancé and senior partner at a Baton Rouge accounting firm; Francis Sanlander (specialties: mechanics and gunsmithing), father and owner of Baton Rouge Firearms; Dr. Marie Sanlander (specialties: teaching and special education), mother and director of auditory studies at the University of Baton Rouge; Carlie Sanlander (specialties: computers and literature), sister and computer support specialist at Clearwater College in Exeter; Jack Sanlander (specialties: leadership and tactics), cousin and governor of the Badlands city-state of Coronado; Robert Donner (age 43, specialties: business and small arms), college friend and Socorro Arms' sales representative in Khayr ad-Din.

Vital Statistics
Age: 41 cycles Height: 1.90 m Mass: 100 kg Hair Color: Brown Eye Color: Brown Handedness: Right

AGI +0 APP +0 BLD +1 CRE +2 FIT +0
INF +0 KNO +2 PER +0 PSY +0 WIL +0
STR +0 HEA +0 STA 30 UD 4 AD 4

Skills (Heavy Gear 2nd Edition)
Aircraft Pilot 2/0 Archery 1/0 Bureaucracy 1/+2 Computer 3/+2
Cooking 1/+2 Dodge 1/0 Drive 2/0 First Aid 1/+2
Foreign Language (Equatorial Hispanic) 1/+2 Literature 2/+2 Navigation (Land) 2/+2 Notice 1/0
Physical Sciences 1/+2 Small Arms 2/0 Swimming 1/0 Teaching 1/+2
Visual Art 2/+2
Skills (Heavy Gear 3rd Edition / Silhouette CORE)
Archery 1 Athletics 1 Craft (Cooking) 1 Defense 1
Etiquette (Bureaucracy) 1 Language (Equatorial Hispanic) 1 Medicine 1 Natural Sciences (Physical) 1
Notice 1 Pilot (Air) 2 Pilot (Ground) 2 Small Arms 2
Social Sciences (Literature) 2 Teaching 1 Technical Sciences (Computer) 3 Visual Arts 2 / Cplx 2 (drawing, painting)

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