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"Heavy Gear: Emily-2165"


Soldier Emily is one of the many Kassandra-class GRELs who were stranded in Port Arthur after the CEF withdrew from Terra Nova. Though her skills were in demand and she was regularly busy, she felt as much discontent as most GRELs as "peace" stretched from one cycle to the next. In the summer of TN 1931, however, the troopers normally assigned to her company's mess hall were deployed in a raid. Emily made sure her company ate while the troopers were away, but when it was reported that the troopers were killed in action, Emily suddenly found herself in charge of a mess hall for over two hundred GRELs.

Military Record

Emily was never trained (or expected) to run a mess hall; indeed, it took her a few tries to make even the simplest of meals. She enjoyed the challenge, though, and over time has become a skilled chef. Her success has made her mess hall very popular, and it now features a private dining room where Arthurian officers and other dignitaries have sampled her cuisine. Emily prefers not to know if private guests are present, preferring instead to take good care of her unit. Her unit takes good care of her in return; on the rare occasions when she is away from the mess, her fellow GRELs are known to complain long and hard, regardless of how good the food actually is.


Though Emily has not realized it, her programmed feelings of loyalty to the NEC have long been supplanted by real devotion to her fellow GRELs. This sentiment has expressed itself in her hard work and genuine joy in the mess, and her reluctance to return to the duties for which she was designed. Fortunately, her success has ensured she will remain at her post for the foreseeable future, and she has even received an invitation to appear in the Steel Skillet trideo cooking show.

Combat Reactions

Although she trains regularly to keep up her combat skills, the Arthurian high command determined long ago that Emily is far too important to GREL morale to risk in combat. If she were in a combat situation, however, she would stay as close as possible to her assistants, Mycroft-0314 and Luther-3620. They are not only capable soldiers, they are also her friends, and she would stick by them in any circumstance.

AGI +1 APP +1 BLD +2 CRE +1 FIT +2
INF +1 KNO +2 PER +1 PSY 0 WIL 0
STR +2 HEA +1 STA 40 UD 8 AD 7

Skills (Heavy Gear 2nd Edition)
Athletics 1/+2 Combat Sense 1/+1 Communications 2/+2 Computer 1/+2
Cooking 2/+1 Dodge 1/+1 Electronics 1/+2 Electronic Warfare 2/+1
Etiquette 1/+1 First Aid 1/+2 Forward Observing 1/+1 Hand-to-Hand 1/+1
Human Perception 1/0 Leadership 1/+1 Notice 2/+1 Security 1/+2
Small Arms 1/+1 Survival 1/+1 Tactics 1/+1 Tinker 1/+1

* This character is built using 100 Skill Points, with a limit of 40 points towards Attributes.

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