Banzaidyne III Redux Updates

22 September 2017:


After two long years of downtime, Banzaidyne III is back for your Heavy Gear games!

I missed having this up, so I finally set up this Redux version on Neocities. My plan is to keep this site up as an archive while I continue building material for Banzaidyne IV and Heavy Gear D6. I'd like to eventually reproduce everything here in PDF form, but there's so much material I'll need a few years to finish it all. One way or another, though, I'll keep this version up as long as I can.

One note: The vehicle pages posted here are currently in two different formats. The data is correct for every page, but I made a major format change starting in 2015.
The big difference is the older pages include Threat Values for Heavy Gear Second Edition, while the newer pages do not. I decided to ditch the TVs as they were a PITA to crunch for no benefit to me, and the values weren't compatible with the HG: Blitz! tabletop game. Sometime in the summer of 2015, though, a lot of the new pages disappeared from my computer, so I've posted the older pages until I get everything updated.
You can tell the difference by looking at the tab for each vehicle page you open; newer pages will have the notation "(HG FM 2-XX)," with XX being the year.

The new format pages will be updated as well, with better imagery and improved usefulness on mobile devices. Now that storage space is no longer an issue, I can start posting new content again too.

So take a trip down memory lane and bust out some classic material for your next Heavy Gear game. Enjoy!

12 September 2018: Silhouette Cyberpunk is Back!

Many moons ago, I was given a set of HTML files by Pierre Bourque, another longtime Heavy Gear denizen. He had created a Web site called Silhouette Cyberpunk around the turn of the century, where he converted a lot of material from Cyberpunk 2020 and other games to the Silhouette rules. He reminded me the other day that I had the files, so I set up a new Neocities account to house them.

Silhouette Cyberpunk Classic is now available for all of your chrome-plated, neon-strobed, adventuring-on-the-bleeding-edge needs. Enjoy!

25 August 2020: The Cleaning is Underway

Starting with the Flight Line pages, I'm giving each page a good once-over - new pictures as I find them, cleaning the formatting and so forth. Even if I just check one page a day, I'll have things up to speed in no time.
Any page I've updated recently, even if it's just to add a new picture, will read "(HG FM 2-20)" in the tab at the top of your browser. Keep checking your favorites!

8 March 2021: More Cleaning and Updates

I've updated the Motor Pool pages for the Frames I've converted from Heavy Gear Blitz! to reflect the stats show in my latest HG D6 release, Battlelogs: The Mounts of Caprice.
These and other pages I update this year will have the "(HG FM 2-21)" in the browser tab.

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