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12 April 2015: It's been a long time since my last round of updates, but I think my work this past winter has been worth it.

I've been porting all of the vehicle sheets over to a new format; the ground vehicle pages on The Motor Pool page are ready now, and the Flight Line pages will be ready later this year. The new layout is cleaner and more compatible with mobile devices (the last layout was put together in the days of CRT monitors).

The other substantial change is that I have discarded the Second Edition Threat Values (TVs) for the sheet's I've written up, for several reasons:

But the most important reason is I hate doing it anymore. I haven't written up anything new in a long time, in no small part because I didn't want to crunch the numbers. So they're gone.

A couple of other important announcements:


12 May 2014: I have some long overdue updates to announce.
First, I'm happy to add links to my Heavy Gear D6 work as Gears of Peace River and Gears of the North are now available! Gears of the South will be added by the end of this month, followed this summer by Monday Night Dueling, All Terra Nova's Aircraft and Terran Military Power. Stay tuned!

Secondly, along with the PDFs I'm writing, I'll also be posting HGD6 pages of the many vehicles that I've written for Banzaidyne. Links will be posted as new pages are completed.

And finally, I have removed the pages I'd written for Dream Pod 9's Silhouette CORE rules. I haven't done anything with the rules in years, and I didn't much care for them in any case. Only a couple of vehicles remain to be ported to Heavy Gear Second Edition (and later HGD6), and they will appear on the Motor Pool page pretty soon.


9 October 2013: With the kind permission of the folks at Dream Pod 9, my Tactical Air Support revisions for Second Edition now feature full-color images. Stop by the Flight Line Page to see more.
The Pod has also given me permission to use the pictures in an aircraft expansion for Heavy Gear D6. Look for HGD6: All Terra Nova's Aircraft soon!

20 September 2013: This apparently happened a long time ago, but I just learned that someone ripped a copy of Banzaidyne and posted it on another ISP, and that copy is still up.
Sometime in 2008 when Banzaidyne was hosted on GeoCities, someone copied the Banzaidyne files onto an account on I've contacted the ISP to have my content removed, but their abuse form did not work (I kept getting a "cannot find URL" error when I submitted the form), and given the type of complaints about this ISP, I don't have much confidence that anything will be done. The only thing I can really do is let people know that that site is an unauthorized copy.

Besides, that copy is almost six years old at this point - why put up with an old copy when the original is live and loud?

For instance, I've posted an update to my Batman Begins Tumbler page, featuring photos of the Tumblers I took in November of 2012, during an event held here in Pittsburgh to promote the DVD release of The Dark Knight Rises. Also, I'm hard at work on material for Heavy Gear D6. Stay tuned!

20 June 2013: I've refreshed the whole site, both to catch some files I'd missed updating before and to restore many of the graphics that had degraded over time.


18 December 2012: I've made some substantial changes to my sheets for tanks and other tank vehicles armed with a tank gun. I've created new weapons that (hopefully) are more accurate representations of real tank cannons, which are all posted on the New Weapons page. There may be some tweaks based on any feedback I get, but the new weapons are much closer to real-life cannons than the field guns I'd been using.
See the Motor Pool for the new indivdual changes for different vehicles.

19 February 2012: More pages for the Motor Pool:

With the Blitz! hovertank models available, I've also made new sheets based on the Second Edition models for the HT-68 and HT-72. The HT-55 and HT-62 are "backdated" versions of these hovertanks for players who want to use both the original and Blitz! models.

I've also made a long-overdue edit to the sheets: "Bonus Actions" (where the number was added to 1 to get the total number of crew actions) has been replaced by "Total Actions." No more addition is required.


3 August 2011: I've posted several new pages, including all of the variants of the Stryker ICV series. Have a look at the Motor Pool page!

And as the Space Shuttle program comes to an end, there's just one last thing left to say:


The final versions of the Space Shuttle Orbiter pages are now posted for both Second Edition and SilCORE. The only updates I plan would be links to the musuems where the orbiters will be put on display.

30 May 2011: We've been off the air for a while, but Banzaidyne is now up and running at this new account. This account will be active at the host's discretion, but I expect to have a permament solution worked out later this year. In the meantime, enjoy all Banzaidyne has to offer!


16 May 2010: My wife and I were extremely fortunate to be in Cocoa Beach, Florida this past Friday to witness the last launch of the Space Shuttle Atlantis.*

To mark the occasion, I've updated the writeups for the Space Shuttle Orbiter for both Second Edition and SilCORE stats.

* Note: This was the last flight of Atlantis, until Congress approved funding for flight STS-135 in January 2011. I missed that launch, but at least I got to see it once.

2 May 2010: There's a whole bunch of updates, both on the Motor Pool and Flight Line pages. Take a look around.

8 February 2010: I've converted the Claw series for the Black Talons from Return to Cat's Eye to Second Edition stats, and added a couple of other things. Stop by the Motor Pool and have a look.


26 October 2009: With Yahoo's decision to shut down GeoCities, I've moved Banzaidyne to this new service provider. I hope this move will be the last for a long while (though to be fair, Yahoo! hosted Banzaidyne II for a good five years).

I've also made a few changes to the site's organization:

I've also posted several new vehicle sheets. Take a look around!

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