APAGear II Archives Volume 1, Number 7 July, 1999


Gigantic Summer Sports Spectacular

Welcome, Sports Fans!

Welcome to the seventh issue of APAGear II, our Gigantic Summer Sports Spectacular! Actually, it's not so gigantic, technically. But that's okay, because it's also not summer if you happen to live in the southern hemisphere. Regardless, it is our Sports Spectacular. Maybe we'll do one every July.

Anyway, if you have any comments, you can post them to me, Christian Schaller. I'll pass them along to the membership. (Incidently, I won't filter for content, merely for relevence. I leave the membership's e-mail addresses out of these pages to protect them from spam.)



1. The House Organ
Words of questionable wisdom from the Distribution Manager
2. Critique Assignments
Who Should Critique Whom, for the benefit of the APAGear Members
3. Scott Blow ("Trapper")
"Corrida!" - Part One: The History and the Heroes
4. Jason English
"The Spirit of St. Louis" Part Four
5. Janne Kemppi
"Commonwealth Games"
6. Buji Kern
"Dangerous Waters"
7. Christian Schaller
"Bragging Rights"

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APAGear II Archives Volume 1, Number 7 July, 1999